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      Reach for pry bars for your remodeling job

      Before you install that fantastic new kitchen or bathroom, the old one has to be removed. That's where pry bars from Craftsman, Mayhew or Blue Force come in very handy. These rugged tools with a variety of heads are available from Sears. Standard heads handle most tasks. Rolling heads are ideal for pulling up decking. Chisel heads and a sledge hammer make quick work of nails, bolts and other obstructions. Long-handled pry bars give you the most leverage, but short-handled wrecking bars work well in tight spaces. Sets of pry bars give you options for every demolition project. Pry bars from Black Rhino and Dasco have a nail puller included in the head. The Stanley FatMax utility bar and the Dead On Annihilator wrecking bar multitask very well.

      When the job involves masonry, concrete tools will be needed for a variety of purposes. Kole Imports makes affordable pointed trowels that are available in multipacks. Concrete placers from Czar World come in various lengths to help you fill troughs and cracks with ready-mix concrete. Goldblatt finishing trowels also come in several sizes. Shorter lengths are useful for walkways; longer trowels are ideal for large slabs. Concrete polishing pads from Toolocity and ADT put a high-luster finish on any concrete floor or counter top.

      Hammers come in a variety of designs, and we've got them all. An affordable claw hammer makes a good utility hammer for home maintenance and minor repairs. Contractor-quality claw hammers from Craftsman, Stanley and Estwing are available with your choice of handles including durable composite, heavy-gauge steel or lightweight but tough graphite. Hammer heads range from 12 to 22 ounces to give you the swing weight required for the nails you're using. Lightweight hammers and those with plastic heads are the right choice for finish carpentry. Our outstanding selection of hammers also includes ballpeen hammers, sledgehammers and engine hammers from more than a dozen top brands.

      Every professional or DIY enthusiast needs a good selection of pliers. Plier sets typically feature standard pliers, long-nose pliers and tongue-and-groove pliers. Larger sets may include a pair of channel lock or cutting pliers. Plier sets are available in a range of quality levels with prices to match. An affordable utility set is a good choice for occasional use. A set from Stanley or Klein Tools will be more durable when the workload is heavy. Professional contractors will want to consider top-of-the-line plier sets from Craftsman and Knipex that are backed by a lifetime warranty.

      Sears has a dynamic selection of hand tools that will make you effective. Order your tools today, and they'll soon be helping you get work done.


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