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Our collection of riveters gives you options. Tekton and Neiko riveters use plastic rivets ideal for home and automotive projects. The Astro Pneumatic micro riveter is designed for use with leather and heavy denim. Stanley and Marson make commercial-grade riveters for metal applications. When the job calls for a wrench instead of a riveter, we'll have the one you need. Our thousands of wrenches include combination, ratcheting and open-end models. You can choose individual tools or a wrench set for greater value. Browse our great selection to find the tools you need at prices you love.

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Make durable connections with riveters from Sears

We carry a range of riveters to fit your purposes and your budget. Affordable riveters like the Neiko or Tekton 40-Piece riveters use plastic rivets suitable for light-duty projects at home. The Air Capital plastic rivet gun, the Stanley Die-Cast metal riveter and the Marson plastic rivet setter are better-quality riveters for light-commercial applications like installing car upholstery. Marson also makes the V-2 hydraulic rivet gun that uses steel rivets tough enough for sheet metal work. If you enjoy leatherworking or making clothing from heavy denim, the Astro Pneumatic micro riveter is an air tool that is popular for use with those materials. No matter which of these riveters you select, we have rivets for them from Arrow Fastener, Hillman Group and Allstar Performance.

Shaping wood, cleaning parts and sharpening blades are just a few of the uses you'll find for metal files. The Craftsman 5-Pc Handle file set with flat and round metal files in several widths and cuts is a good starter set. Craftsman also makes ignition files for removing corrosion from contacts. The Craftsman Evolve and Speedhex file sets come with one or two handles and interchangeable files. For precision work on metal or wood, Gyros makes several sets of needle files. Professional-grade metal files from Cooper Hand Tools and Apex Tools will stand up to the demands of a commercial shop.

Nut drivers come in handy around the house for hanging curtain rods, mounting shelf brackets and many other projects. In the shop, you'll put them to work repairing engines and bicycles. Craftsman gives standard nut drivers clear handles and metric models opaque handles, then puts a colored band on each one for easy identification. Klein Tools and Cooper Tools multi-tool nut drivers feature a single handle and interchangeable drivers. These all-in-one tools are handy for your tool belt, glove box or RV. To reduce wrist fatigue, consider ratcheting nut drivers, and for improved leverage, take a look at nut drivers with T-handles.

Having tap and dies available allows you to make repairs to stripped bolts and fittings without running to the store. Hardened-steel tools can cut new threads and grooves into iron, steel and aluminum. Professional-grade tap and dies like those in the 107-piece Craftsman Carbon Steel set are essential equipment for threading iron pipe for gas or water lines. Pros also trust Westward, Greenfield Tap and Sandvik Coromant for quality sets of taps and dies.

Our large, diverse range of hand tools means we'll always have exactly what you want. It takes just a few minutes to place your order, and our shipping is always prompt. Depend on Sears to get you the tools you need when you need them.


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