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      Rethread holes with a tap and die set

      Screws, nuts and bolts handle a lot of wear and tear throughout their lifetime. Friction between the threads and frequent tightening can cause physical damage that will make them unusable. Tap and die sets will rethread these essential parts like new. Cutting new threads can be difficult when done dry. When working with your tap set, it's a good idea to have some oil around to make the turning process easier.

      Before you can start the rethreading process, you'll need to find the bolt or screw's gauge. Sears carries a variety of thread gauges to help you determine which tap to use. Often this number will also correspond to a die from your die set, as well. It's imperative to use the right gauge. Otherwise you'll end up with a bolt that is loose and will rattle around or eventually fall out. Once you get the die in place, you can reduce some of physical strain by using your ratchet to turn the die.

      There are a wide variety of tap and die sets to help you thread and rethread bolts. Grab a tap set that contains up to 107 pieces so you can take on any job that needs to be done. Get all your taps, dies and screw extractors at Sears.


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