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      Add and repair threads with tap and dies

      Tap and dies are tools made from hardened steel. Dies re-thread stripped bolts, and taps add threads to stripped bolt holes. Sets from Craftsman, Westward and Greenfield Tap are useful in a variety of applications, from automotive repair to fixing household appliances. Small sets include just a few common tap and die sizes. Large sets like the Craftsman 107 Piece Tap and Die Set include a complete range of taps, dies and driver handles for SAE and metric sizes. Most sets come in tough plastic cases for storage and portability. Accessories to our tap and dies sets include Bolt-Out bolt removers and screw-out extractors for broken bolts.

      Powerful bolt cutters are the tool of choice for cutting bolts, chain links and padlocks. The Knipex 8-Inch Lever Action mini bolt cutter and the Cooper Hand Tools Handklip cutter are ideal for smaller bolts and links. For larger bolts and locks, consider bolt cutters from Neiko, Greenlee and Toughbuilt that have larger heads and longer handles for leverage. Most feature handles that are ribbed for grip and padded for comfort. Bolt cutters with handles 24 to 30 inches long give you the leverage you need for cutting locks and links made from hardened steel.

      We carry a wide array of riveters to match the needs of the job. Manual riveters from Neiko and Tekton fire plastic rivets that are used in automotive interiors for upholstering and headliners. For riveting thin sheet metal, tools from Master Mechanic and FPC Corporation use manual power to get the job done. When you need to rivet metal of a thicker gauge, air-powered riveters from Campbell Hausfeld, Marson and Dent-Fix are a good choice. The Astro Pneumatic Micro riveter is designed for use with small metal rivets for canvas, leather or denim.

      A well-stocked tool box will have screwdrivers of different types and sizes. Buying a set of screwdrivers made by Craftsman, Stanley or Bosch is a good start. Look for sets with slotted and Phillips screwdrivers in the sizes you use most. We also carry individual screwdrivers when you need a special size or replacement for your set. Stubby screwdrivers are useful when working where space is limited in engine compartments or HVC components. Long-handled tools give you greater reach. Specialty screwdrivers include micro drivers for working on electronics and those with magnetized heads that are ideal for assembly.

      We have the tools you need for repairs, taking things apart or putting them together. Our range of tool quality and price give you buying options. Reach for the right hand tools for every need from the huge selection at Sears.


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