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      Secure work pieces with vises from Sears

      Having a sturdy vise bolted to your bench will help you get work done more effectively. It's like having an extra pair of hands firmly holding material while you shape, cut or drill. Our selection of vises includes models at all price levels. For occasional use, an affordable steel or aluminum vise from Trademark Tools or the Affordable Clamp Company is a good choice. Serious do-it-yourselfers might prefer better-quality vises from Craftsman, Wilton or Columbian. Features to consider as you peruse our selection of vises include a pivoting clamp that allows you to perfectly position the piece and grips in the right length for the work you typically do. If you prefer a portable vise, consider those that attach to the bench with a clamp or to a bench top with a vacuum base.

      When concrete work is on your project list, we'll have the concrete tools to help you succeed. A manual or motorized mixer from Pro-Series or Wader is essential when working with bags of ready mix. Tuck pointing trowels and margin trowels from Mintcraft and Kole Imports work well when repairing mortar in brick work. Marshalltown Tools and Goldblatt both make a nice array of concrete tools for finishing flatwork on walkways, floors and countertops. Contractors will make good use of a concrete and natural stone polisher from Intertool. We also carry diamond-grit sanding pads from Toolocity and ADT. They are available in a variety of grits to take you from rough polishing to a high-luster finish.

      Cutter tools are handy for a variety of tasks. Versatile tools like the Craftsman Edge utility cutter features scissors motion, a replaceable blade and a steel anvil opposing the blade. They're ideal for cutting soft flooring like vinyl or cork and trimming wallpaper. The handle opens, so the tool can be used as a knife. Cutting pliers from Clauss, Knipex and Channelock are tough enough to sever wire and steel bands. There are sheet metal snips from Midwest Snips, Stanley and Wiss in straight, left and right action. Handles are typically a different color on each tool, so reaching for the one you want is easy.

      Hand drills give you precision you may not get from a power drill. Woodworkers enjoy the hands-on feel of using them to create pilot holes for fasteners or recesses for spindles. All-steel hand drills from SK Tools are affordable and very durable. Those from Trademark Tools feature polished ash handles for an authentically antique look. Schroder makes contractor-grade hand drills for powering through masonry and steel.

      Homeowners and professionals rely on Sears for the right tools for each task. Our wide selection gives you options for features, quality and price. Make Sears your choice for tools to bring every project to a successful finish.


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