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Keep your workbench neat with wrench organizers

When your workbench is covered with wrenches and sockets, it's hard to find the tool you need to get work done. Wrench organizers clean up the mess and keep your favorite wrenches close at hand. Craftsman Universal wrench trays can be used for any brand of wrenches. They mount to the wall and have a dust cover that gives them a tidy look. Hanging wrench organizers from Mechanics Time Savers come in blue for metric and red for SAE sizes. For low prices, it's tough to beat mounted organizers from KD Tools in red or black. If you prefer your wrenches on your bench or in the tool box, wrench-holder trays from Sort-A-Tool and Ernst Manufacturing feature labeled slots for each wrench size.

Flare nuts are made from brass or mild steel, so it takes the right wrench to prevent damage to them. Flare nut wrenches from Armstrong Tools and GearWrench feature large jaws with many points to provide more contact, reducing stress and stripping. Combination sets in metric and inch sizes are available with two sizes to each wrench for greater value. You've got your choice of nonratcheting or ratcheting heads. If you work in confined spaces, you'll appreciate the ability flex-head flare nut wrenches give you to get the tool on the nut from any angle.

If you want an affordable set of basic wrenches, open-end wrenches are a great choice. Individual wrenches and sets give you buying options. Wrenches from Moody Tools with 90-degree heads and open-end wrenches with offset or flexible heads help you get to tough-to-reach nuts and bolts. Some sets come with handy wrench organizers that can be wall-mounted to keep your tools close by or placed in a tool chest.

Every professional mechanic or do-it-yourselfer will appreciate personalized wrench sets for their work bench or shop. Sears sells many different sets that can easily be turned into personalized wrench sets. An engraved set of combination wrenches with the Craftsman logo on one side and a name or initials on the other side add a personal touch and also increase security. Open-end, adjustable and box wrenches in bright chrome from GearWrench, Stanley Proto and Sunex can be stamped or engraved to produce personalized wrench sets for you or someone else. They make great gifts for birthdays and holidays, and they are a wonderful way to reward a job well done.

We have the wrenches you want and the accessories to keep them organized. You are sure to love our huge selection and low prices. Place your order today, and your tools will soon show up at your door, ready for work.


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