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      Seal cracks and rips with home adhesives from Sears

      When you install windows in your home, you want to use adhesives to seal the borders and to prevent wind and moisture from penetrating your home. Sears carries hundreds of home adhesives and sealants to use indoors and out. Dow Chemical silicone adhesive works well for sealing the edges where the bathtub meets the floor and the wall. Use Duco cement to repair rips and tears in upholstery and vinyl flooring. You can even use it on china, wood and plastic.

      If you want to hang pictures or heavier objects on drywall, then you need drywall anchors to secure the items in place. A drywall anchor features special edges that grip the drywall as it enters the surface, preventing it from slipping back out. It has a canal inside the anchor that you can use for screws and hooks for hanging pictures or wall clocks. Drywall anchors feature flush-mount heads, so they always fit smoothly against the wall after installation. Toggler drywall anchors come in various sizes to accommodate most any object that you want to hang.

      Like home adhesives, household cleaners come in handy for removing oil or stains from your surfaces. As an example, Kafko International Oil Eater removes oil from concrete driveways and dissolves grease from your outdoor grill. Use Biokleen all-purpose cleaner to remove tough grease from your kitchen surfaces. It contains all-natural ingredients such as orange peel extract and filtered water. Invest in Clorox all-purpose cleaner for the bathroom, and use Permatex to remove paint and adhesive from your hands. Keep Brawny all-purpose wipes in the garage to absorb water and to clean up oil and dust from your work surface.

      If sealants and adhesives don't improve your airflow in your venting system, then consider vent reflectors that direct the heat away from the air ducts. Additional heat applied to the air ducts causes the cooler air to warm slightly, which also activates your air conditioning unit more than it should. With a vent reflector, you prevent direct sunlight and heat from compromising your cooling system. Vent reflectors come in various shapes and sizes, and some include systems that remove odors from exhaust without disrupting carbon dioxide levels.

      Whether you need to seal windows or dissolve grease from the kitchen, you have access to home adhesives and cleaners that work on most household surfaces. Use drywall anchors to secure your hanging clocks and pictures on the wall, and invest in vent reflectors to reduce heat and to improve your home's cooling system. Shop Sears for even more home hardware products and accessories for your home renovation and remodeling needs.


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