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Drywall anchors secure your pictures and shelves

Drywall anchors come in handy for hanging pictures on your wall without having to nail into a stud. Sears carries a complete inventory of drywall anchors that support more than 30 pounds of weight. While screws alone work well in stronger 1/2-inch drywall, drywall anchors provide additional support for both 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch drywall. Just mark a point on your wall where you plan to insert the drywall anchor, and screw the anchor into the wall. Once you have it installed, use the drywall anchor holes to hang shelves and pictures securely in place.

You should also keep chains or rope in your home or in the garage for securing objects when moving or storing items. As an example, you can use Manila rope to secure furniture or boxes to a trailer or the top of the car during transport from the store. Use a rope and a pulley system in the garage to hang bicycles and tools out of the way. A 200-foot spool of Wellington rope works well for securing vinyl covering over yard tractors or keeping newly planted trees from toppling over.

Use drywall anchors to hang shelves and other closet hardware to improve your storage space. After installing drywall anchors, mount holding brackets to the wall for Giles and Kendall cedar planks for quick and convenient shelves. Beneath the shelves, place a Closetmaid shoe organizer to keep your heels, sneakers and flats all in one place. Create a support system for a new K&S Engineering stainless steel rod for hanging dresses, jackets and shirts. HomeBasix storage shelves also work for organizing pants, shorts and clothing accessories you have in your closet.

Drywall anchors work great for mounting hanging hooks to the wall. With just two drywall anchors and a Spectrum Plus door rack, you have a place to hang your child's backpack or your coats and jackets. ArtRight hanger sets work with both wood and metal picture frames, and Interdesign features suction cup hooks that apply easily to tile and glass for hanging caddies in the shower or colorful mosaics in the window. You can also invest in a complete assortment of Symmetry picture hanging hooks that support up to 75 pounds.

If you want to hang pictures or mount shelves to drywall, then you should always use drywall anchors to ensure you have a secure system for holding the objects. Invest in chains and rope to help with your storage needs, and consider hanging hooks and closet hardware for adding shelves and coat racks in your walk-in closet. Find an entire inventory of professional tools and home hardware supplies and accessories when you shop online at Sears.

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