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      Try Adding New Cabinet Hardware for Convenience

      If you want a new look around the house, try adding new cabinet hardware for convenience and style. Replace old looking or broken knobs with new ones. We carry many types of cabinet and door handles and hardware. Rolling casters can be added to free-standing cabinets for new portability and convenience. There are many styles of casters also, from basic straight caster wheels to deluxe smooth running Shepherd casters. For heavy objects like your refrigerator, use a set of 4 wide Shepherd caster units for easy movement or use their steel appliance rollers that hold up to 1200 pounds. Some casters have brakes to keep their loads from rolling around when you want them to stay put. Casters are easy to install; some have flat top plates that you screw into place and others are the stem style that fit up into a drilled hole.

      While you are looking at hardware items, check out our dowels. These are available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, perfect to use for crafts or around the house. Dowels can be used as weights in the bottom of a hanging curtain or runner. They are made of wood, plastic or metal and have many interesting uses. Craft items use dowels when support is needed or as part of the craft, such as when you make a photo frame or picture hanger. Sometimes dowels are used as a support for shelving boards. Two pieces of wood can be joined with a dowel inserted into aligned holes. Small dowels have many uses, and larger, steel dowels might be used in building construction to join masonry or stones securely. Dowels were used long ago for building construction. but they have many more common purposes around the house today.

      It is very helpful to keep several types of household tool kits around to help with repair work or general maintenance. Everyone should have a little tool kit filled with common brads, wire and screws for hanging pictures on the wall. Other kits contain all you need to make repairs on rubber items, such as air mattresses or inner tubes. A small general tool kit that has a hammer and nails, screws and a screwdriver always will come in handy at some time. We carry door knob kits, dryer vent kits and many more household tool kits. Our selection of household tool kits is one area you should take a close look at also because it is much easier to make a quick fix when you have basic supplies and tools ready to use. Kits are a good item to give as a gift, especially to someone just setting up a new household.

      There is always going to be something that needs fixing around a house or office. We carry a large inventory of cabinet hardware and small parts like casters and dowels to help when you need to fix furniture or make cabinets easier to move around. Sears plans ahead by having all these hardware items stocked and ready to ship. All you have to do is place your order and get it delivered or pick it up at your nearest Sears. Don't wait for an emergency to stock up on the small hardware pieces you most likely will need soon.


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