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      Dowels have many uses beside holding wall hangings up or weighing them down. You can use wooden dowels for arts and crafts projects, as furniture support pieces and as skewers for food. We have many varieties of wooden dowels, including oak and birch hardwoods, and we have other dowel products like dowel screws and wood drapery rods. If you are working on cabinets, our selection of cabinet hardware is second to none. Have some fun dressing up your kitchen, bath or bedroom cabinets by installing new cabinet hardware or hinge upgrades. Go for a whole new look with weathered copper or rubbed bronze knobs. Change out cabinet pulls in minutes and be amazed to see how those slight changes in decor can make a huge difference in your rooms.

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      Create hanging space with dowels for your closet

      If you lack space for more clothes in your closet, then consider hardwood dowels from Waddell MFG. Sears carries a variety of dowels that you can use as clothes bars for hanging shirts, pants and dresses. Invest in a pack of 10 dowels, and cut each one into place to create a tiered hanging system for your clothing. You can also use dowels as curtain rods for your bedroom windows. Paint the dowels to match your room, and accent the tips with ball finials for a finished look.

      When you need to create hanging space in your garage, then use heavy-duty chains and pulley systems. Chains and pulleys come in handy for lifting engines out of the car, and you can use Ancra steel chains and hooks to remove tree stumps from the yard. We also have roller chain available for use with mechanical equipment or even as replacement bicycle chain. Campbell high-test chain supports up to 5,400 pounds, and you can use it to tow cars or transport heavy logs out of your yard.

      Along with dowels, use hanging hooks to create additional space in your closet or room for clothes and accessories. Use a Spectrum Plus door rack for hanging your coats and book bags, and place Interdesign suction cup hooks in your shower for your washcloths. Hang pictures and other wall items with Command hanging strips. They peel off easily without leaving behind white residue. You can also use ArtRight T-lock hanger sets for your wood and metal picture frames. Mount Safco Products garment hooks on your bathroom or closet wall for your bathrobe or your hat and scarves, and invest in a peg board and Lehigh peg hooks to organize your necklaces and clothing accessories.

      Use lightweight fasteners to secure your dowel rods in the closet. Fasteners join or bond two objects to keep them from slipping apart, and Hillman Group offers fasteners from nuts to wood screws for all of your construction projects. As an example, a mini winch tightener attaches to a clothesline, letting you tighten the line in seconds. Galvanized finishing staples work with most heavy-duty staple guns, and lag bolts ensure that your closet shelving system remains securely on your wall. From drywall screws to lock nuts, you can find the fasteners you need to prevent your shelves and racks from falling apart.

      Provide more hanging space in your closet for clothes and accessories with dowels and closet hardware. Install hanging hooks for ties and additional accessories, and secure your dowels and shelving systems in place with lightweight fasteners. Turn to Sears for more affordable home hardware supplies and accessories for your remodeling projects.


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