Good vent reflectors help keep your kitchen free of odors, heat, carbon dioxide and smoke. The reflectors channel air so that vents are mainly removing the exhaust coming from the oven. Without good vents, you will soon feel the heat build up while you are cooking. The ambient carbon dioxide levels will rise, and both smoke and water vapor will accumulate rapidly. With a high-quality vent reflector and vent, you can remove exhaust and heat at high rates. Even if you have a full oven, the vent will maintain a reasonable temperature. A good vent reflector is easy to clean, often having a polished surface. The product will last long, even if you do a lot of heavy duty cooking. Sears carries top brands like Ultra Cool and Midnight Sun that will make great additions to your kitchen.

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      Vent reflects deflect heat away from your cooling system

      If you struggle with temperature control in your home, then consider installing vent reflectors in your ductwork. Sears carries a variety of vent reflectors that attach to your vents and reflect heat away from the system. Midnight Sun vent reflectors help the air to exhaust, which increases both the cooling performance of the reflector and the air unit. You can also choose between round reflectors and parabolic vented reflectors in a variety of sizes depending on the size and location of your vent.

      Just as reflectors improve your cooling system's performance, cleaners and solvents improve your cleaning performance around the house. Whether you have an oil stain on the garage floor or grease in the kitchen, Oil Eater cleaner degreaser dissolves oil and grease in no time. You can also use Wet & Forget mildew and stain remover in the bathroom or any place in your home where mold and mildew has taken hold. If you have chemical allergies, then consider Biokleen all-purpose cleaner. It contains all-natural ingredients and cleans stains and residue from multiple surfaces. You can even use Fast Orange smooth cream to remove paint and oil from your hands.

      Anytime you need to repair and join two surfaces, you need specialty fasteners from National MFG and Indiana. Use a National MFG angle plate for repairing or constructing a table or workbench. You can also use it to secure a vent reflector in place. Indiana U-bolts come in handy for attaching rope and accessories to trailers and boats. Create a drawer system for the garage with Knape & Vogt drawer sliding brackets, and use hose clamps to secure your vent reflector cable to the attic rafters.

      When you want to reflect sunlight and water away from your basement windows, consider window well covers from Tiger and MacCourt. You also have access to window grates from Noll and AmeriMax that surround the window, block out light and prevent debris from damaging the glass. MacCourt window well covers feature clear domes that shield the window from all sides while allowing sunlight to reach the basement. Dyne window well covers install horizontally with the ground, and you can lock and open them from within your home. They also support up to 250 pounds and prevent people, animals and debris from falling into the window wells.

      Improve your home's cooling system with vent reflectors, and keep your home clean with all-purpose cleaners and solvents. Specialty fasteners keep your objects securely in place, and window well covers prevent accidents or damage to your basement windows. Come to Sears for even more affordable household cleaning supplies and home improvement accessories.


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