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Connect your items with specialty fasteners from Sears

Specialty fasteners hold or bond two surfaces together to work as one unit. Sears provides a full collection of fasteners from National MFG and Knape & Vogt to connect items in your home. Install a Knape & Vogt drawer slide bracket to create a storage unit, and create shelves with National MFG angle plates. Stock up on U-bolts for attaching cable to the wall or fencing to a pole. Regardless of what you need it for, a specialty fastener helps you join two items to create a single working unit.

You can also use home adhesives such as silicon and cement to bond surfaces together. Repair broken china or wooden picture frames with Duco household cement. You can even use it on metal houseware and plastic toys. Combine a Sulzer caulk gun with Dow Chemical silicone glazing sealant to repair cracked vinyl or to seal open spaces around window frames. With CRL low-viscosity adhesive, you can repair broken glass vases or bond metal and wood surfaces in seconds. Even if you have a cracked tub fixture, a Devcon epoxy repair kit seals plastic and ceramics, and it prevents future leaks.

Drywall anchors work a lot like fasteners since they help you attach picture frames and other items to the wall. A screw alone does not always offer enough support for heavy loads on drywall. If you don't want to spend time looking for the wall stud behind the drywall, then use Toggler flush-mount drywall anchors. Just use a small point to create a starter hole for the anchor, and screw it into the wall until it sits flush with the surface. Use the anchor canal to screw in a wall hook, and hang your object in place.

U-bolts work well for running home electrical wiring and cables along the wall. You also have access to Southwire pre-wired whip electrical cords for connecting air conditioners and pumps in seconds. The protective coating prevents cracks and rust as the cord sits out in the elements. We also have galvanized wire that you can use with crafting projects or to use as hanging hooks with picture frames. Create a central hub in your yard for a generator, and use a Reliance Controls power inlet box to connect with Reliance transfer switches.

With specialty fasteners, you can create a shelf along the wall or a drawer in the garage. Use silicone sealant and other home adhesives to repair your belongings, and screw in drywall anchors to support heavier picture frames and objects on the wall. Visit your local Sears, or shop online for the best brands of power tools and home hardware supplies and accessories.


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