Window Well Covers & Grates

Use window well covers and grates to help prevent injuries that could occur if someone were to fall down into the well area. This type of protection can provide additional insulation around the windows and also can help keep snow, ice and rain from damaging ground level windows and frames. We stock many types of window well covers, including clear plastic ones that still allow plenty of light and sunshine to enter the rooms below. Bubble covers, flat and sculptured covers can do this job and installation is simple. Some types of covers only need a few nails or an adhesive to attach to the window frame area. We carry straight nails, screw nails, finishing nails, framing nails and many other nails for assembling your projects.

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Install window well covers for security and safety

Window well covers offer you safety and protection; some flat covers will support up to 250 pounds. Covers minimize the risk of anyone falling down into the deep, open well space. Locked in place, window well covers are rest resistant, weatherproof and almost indestructible. Window well covers help prevent injury to pets, children and adults while also protecting the building from weather hazards. Doors are another heavy use area that can require repair and maintenance. We carry door hardware for exterior and interior doors, including pocket doors. If you need a replacement for a pneumatic door closer, we can help you find the right one. We have parts and complete assemblies for odd doors, like ceiling access doors. Screen doors frequently need repair to mesh or hinges to maintain their integrity for keeping out pests. If you need hinges, handles, springs and latches for a door, we have the door hardware you seek.

On many occasions, you want to use lightweight fasteners instead of heavy duty ones. Some household items like screen doors do not require bulky or heavy hinges. Lightweight hinges will do the job better on many objects, like small shelves or pictures. When you want to find fasteners that will work best for a particular project, check out our inventory of lightweight fasteners in addition to our regular and heavy-duty fasteners. You do have many choices and using lightweight fasteners is one of those options. We can offer you a wide variety of different types of fasteners, including hinges, screws, anchors and nails. Our lightweight fasteners are cost-efficient, sturdy and easy to install in many cases. Order and have them delivered or come to our store to pick up your order.

Home address visibility is important to all, and we have what you need to achieve that goal. Most people start by using large numbers affixed to mailboxes or on the building by the entry door. If you have curbing in your neighborhood, you can use reflective paint to put your address numerals on a small part of the curb. This assists emergency workers when they need to locate your address, especially at night. Home address signs are another creative option you might want to use. We have the posts, hardware and sign parts you can use to create a beautiful hanging sign. Make up home address signs in your choice of materials to match your home design theme. We have wood, plastic and metal signs that you can order or create your own. Numbers are precut or die-cast in black metal, brass, wood or plastic and are available in various heights as needed to identify your address. Always look to Sears to find many types of signs and the accessory materials you need to ensure that your home or business be visible.

Sears is the place to look first when you want to increase home security by installing window well covers, upgrading door hardware, adding signage or making other improvements around your property. We have a vast inventory of hardware for the home ready for delivery or for pickup at your local Sears. If you need anything for your home or business, chances are great that we have what you are looking for.


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