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      An escape ladder can offer an important element of safety in your home. There's no knowing where or when a fire may break out, and if you and your family are trapped on a second floor, a safety ladder can be vital. But there are also other home security accessories from Sears that can combine with the safety ladder to make your house a safer place.

      Make sure you have smoke detectors in strategic locations in your home. Manufacturers like First Alert produce alarms that can sniff out the very beginnings of a fire so that you and your family can call for help and escape from your home unscathed. Check the directions to make sure you have enough alarms for the square footage in your home. Carbon dioxide detectors are also important because the invisible, odorless gas can be extremely harmful.

      Home security is about more than fires, however. Choose surveillance systems from companies like Security Labs and Clover for an additional measure of safety in your home. Install the system in the baby's room or outside your home - or both. Experts say burglars seek out the easiest targets. Surveillance systems may be enough to convince a burglar to choose another home that is not as well protected.

      You may also choose from the selection of safes from the home security accessories available at Sears. Keep important documents, like insurance papers and birth certificates, inside a safe that can withstand the extreme heat of a fire or keep out the rising waters of a flood. Choose from varieties that can be hidden around the home or installed into a wall.

      Statistics from the FBI indicate that about two-thirds of all burglaries target the doors or windows of a home. With that in mind, upgrade the door locks in your home with a wide selection available at Sears. That includes industry leaders Schlage and Kwikset, among other brands. Security experts say the key to door lock sets is the deadbolt and how effectively it is secured to the door frame.

      Whether your greatest home security concern is a disaster like a fire or flood, or a potential intruder, Sears carries home safety accessories that can make your home a safer place for your family.


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