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      Intercoms provide a convenient way to streamline residential communications while providing a valuable security tool. At Sears, shoppers can find a wide variety of modern intercom systems in both wired and wireless configurations to meet a wide range of requirements.

      For the ultimate home security device, a video doorphone can be added to virtually any home. This security measure allows the homeowner to see and speak to deliverymen or visitors before deciding to open the door. These units come with full-color viewing screens in a variety of sizes in addition to electronic controls. In some cases, these high-tech devices require some degree of wiring modifications.

      Renters and some homeowners avoid these items when they don't want to modify the home's current wiring system. These shoppers might be interested in wireless doorbell cameras. These affordable devices are easy to install and provide a video image of any guest who pushes the doorbell. Although no audio feed is included with a wireless doorbell camera, the resident immediately knows who is at the door by viewing the image.

      Although video doorphones are surprisingly affordable, traditional doorbell phones without video are even more budget friendly. These inexpensive devices integrate with the home's current wiring system. When the doorbell button is pushed, it signals the phone system to ring, and the occupant can speak to the visitor over the phone. The system triggers the call-waiting feature when the phone is in use.

      Of course, intercoms are for more than the front door. They provide a convenient way for family members to speak to each other when they're busy in other rooms or even other floors of the home. Imagine how much time is saved when someone cooking dinner in the kitchen can speak to another family member who's busy working in the garage or basement without stepping away from the stove.

      If the homeowner chooses to install a full-blown intercom system with speakers in each room, it's a logical next step to add a whole-house stereo system. These systems feature fully-integrated control panels throughout the house to control the volume, radio station or musical selection, and other options within each room. Although this sounds complicated, it's much more practical than including a separate sound system within each room or constantly moving a smaller stereo system. With music in every room, everything from studying to cleaning is more pleasant.


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