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      Surveillance Systems for your Family Safety

      Protecting your home and family should always be a top priority. Even if youe fortunate enough to live in a safe area, you can never assume youl be protected from home intrusions and burglaries based on your zip code alone. Home surveillance systems are more popular now than ever before. With heightened security features and better monitoring options, the surveillance options at Sears are easy to install and use, giving you peace of mind whether youe asleep or out of town.

      Traditional surveillance features, such as tracking lights and motion sensors, can increase the security of any home or office. Bright lights and alarms are often enough to thwart potential intruders from getting too close to your property. When youe away from home, it a good idea to have your porch or hallway light set to a timer. If people driving or walking by your home assume that youe there, they are less likely to attempt to break in. For added security, Sears offers a full selection of alarm systems that you can program to your own specifications.

      A surveillance camera system is another way to ensure the protection of your family and personal belongings. Small cameras can easily blend in with your home dor without anyone noticing their presence. If you have service providers or childcare specialists in your home on a regular basis, you can thoroughly monitor their actions with a hidden camera. Either watch the surveillance footage later on a monitor or have it sent to your computer immediately. Instead of speculating about what people might be doing in your home, youl be able to see their actions for yourself and act accordingly.

      If you also like to keep track of occurrences outside of your home, Sears has several outdoor surveillance options. All-weather night vision cameras and motion detectors will offer you full protection of your most valuable assets. Many modern surveillance features are also smartphone compatible and can be programmed or adjusted even when youe not at home.

      For battery operated surveillance features, Sears has several Craftsman batteries and chargers for all of your security needs. By properly charging your surveillance and security systems, youl ensure the continuous coverage and protection of your belongings. Since power outages will not affect battery-operated security features, these are always popular surveillance options.

      Installing security features in your home or office can greatly improve your safety and sense of well-being. From dome mirrors to wireless alarm systems, Sears offers a variety of surveillance options to protect your family and safeguard your most valuable possessions.


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