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Home Security & Safety

Home Security and Safety Products Protect Your Castle

Home security has many aspects. Theft prevention is just the start fire safety equipment, intercoms and document protection are only a few of the other items needed for good home safety.

Safes don't just keep robbers from taking things. Safes also keep essential documents from burning up in fires or being ruined by floods. Proper gun safes prevent children from being able to get at dangerous firearms. Safes can come with a variety of locking mechanisms to perfectly suit your situation. Combination locks are the most well-known, but electronic locks are also popular. To prevent thieves from simply stealing the entire safe, choose a model that can be bolted down to the floor. Would-be thieves probably won't want to stay in the area long enough to un-bolt a well-secured safe.

Fire safety is another important aspect of home security. Keep yourself and your family safe with good smoke detectors. Most of these devices sound an alarm to warn of the presence of fire or the smoke that accompanies it. For people who are hard-of-hearing, there are models that include bright flashing lights with their sirens for a very visible warning. Heavy sleepers should take a look at models that shake the bed when smoke is detected.

Keeping track of babies is made easy with home intercoms. These devices open communication between two rooms of the house, so you can hear when something is amiss. Add a home surveillance camera to the nursery to make it easy to see that Baby is all right without disturbing him. Cameras are also good for watching doors and other security-sensitive locations from remote areas. You'll never have to jump out of bed in the middle of the night to check out a noise if you have a camera on the spot.