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Precision Tools

Precision measuring tools are essential to make sure all the pieces of your project fit together perfectly. Whether you are using large surveying tools to accurately get the lay of the land for a new building or tiny micrometers that get measurements down to the nanometer, accuracy is the key. Even everyday tools like dial calipers and precision rules are perfect to help you make sure that your pieces will fit together like a puzzle. Let Sears help you find all the perfect tools to ensure that your project is a masterpiece from beginning to end.

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Give your precision measuring tools some TLC

For some projects, you can guesstimate. For others, you need to take an accurate measurement. And for some you need to be downright precise. That's when you turn to Sears for precision measuring tools. To make sure those instruments' measurements stay precise, though, you need to provide a little TLC.

Always use the tool for its intended purpose. It's not good to use kitchen shears to cut fabric or fabric shears to dice up a chicken, right? Okay, then if you're in a hurry to get a project done and the pencil's on the drawing board across the shed, don't even think about using your vernier caliper to mark a line. When you have an idea like that hanging over your head in a thought bubble, quickly pop it. And not with the caliper.

If you don't have heating or air conditioning in your work area, store your collection of precision measuring tools inside your house. They don't take kindly to high and low temps. In general, they shouldn't be in an environment where the temperature can dip below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, too much heat isn't good either. Keep precision tools away from heat sources and direct sunlight. These rules apply not only to when you're storing them, but also when you're using them.

Steer clear of magnets. You probably have a lot of magnets and magnetic devices in your workshop because they come in handy for a number of projects. However, a magnet near a precision tool could render it useless. While some tools can adjust when a magnet throws them off a little, the same is not so with precision equipment.

A workshop can get a little dusty and dirty. There's sawdust flying everywhere. There's oil for machines, not to mention paints and stains. So always make sure you clean the surface area on which you will be using a precision measurement tool. Always clean the measuring tool after every use. Refer to the owner's manual to know what cleaning supplies to use.

While it's handy to keep all of your tools in one place, such as a toolbox or one of our mobile tool carts, you need to store the precision measuring tools separately. The weight of the other tools could damage them. And remember that some tools have to remain flat when stored, such as vernier calipers. Precision measuring tools come in special cases. Keep them. Use them. If you lose or damage one, replace it. They're just as important as the tools because without them the tools could become damaged and worthless.

Perform maintenance on a regular basis. That means you'll need to find an authorized calibration facility and send the tool to it. There should be a listing of facilities in the owner's manual. If not, you can quickly and easily find one with an Internet search. Along those same lines, you may be Mr. Fixit, but not when it comes to precision measuring tools. If you notice something's wrong, send it to the calibration facility.

In addition to precision measuring tools, turn to Sears for other measuring tools, including levels, micrometers and more. Plus we have measuring tool accessories. If you need it, we have it.


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