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Layout & Measuring Tools

Choose from a variety of measuring tools for a variety of DIY projects

No matter what the weekend warrior project, you're going to need some measuring tools. Sears has all kinds of equipment, from tape measures to contractor calculators and from laser measuring tools to angle finders.

When it comes to tape measures, you'll love some of the added features that take a tool that's been around for ages to a whole new level. Look at the 16-foot FatMax Tape Rule as an example. Stanley added an industrial thermoplastic coating to the first 6 feet of the tape measure to provide extra durability; the blade life is twice as long. It's wider than your average measuring tape. That helps the tape stay stiff when it's not supported and you have to measure up to 16 feet. Plus the numbers are big and in red so they're easy to read. If you need to measure a long distance, turn to the 165-foot open reel fiberglass measuring tape from Keson. The shovel handle makes for rapid reeling. Lufkin's Hi-Viz fiberglass blade tape rule measures up to 300 feet, yet it's lightweight and waterproof. It's easy to handle and prevents the tape from collecting dirt in the case. If you need to measure and need a straight edge to draw a line, look at Empire's 2-foot aluminum straight edge.

If you have to measure a lot distance, check out the ACCUTRAC Laser Measuring Tool from Craftsman, America's most trusted brand. It's quick and easy to use. What's more, it can measure from one point to another up to 100 feet with accuracy you'll only get from a laser, within 1/8 of an inch. You'll get accurate measurements for carpentry, plumbing, flooring and more. The add/subtract feature calculates the sum of several measurements for you. You choose the unit of measurement, either metric or standard. We have other laser measuring tools to choose from, too, such as the Pro's Kit Ultrasonic Distance Meter with Laser Tape from Eclipse. With it, you can measure up to 50 feet. Determine area and volume easily. It has a measured data memory function; it remembers so you don't have to.

Find a contractor calculator to do all the math for your DIY project. We have many models from which you can choose, including ones from Calculated Industries. You'll find yourself using it all the time. Save yourself money by accurately determining the amount of plywood, for example, you need for a project. If you need to measure in metric units, you can do that.

If your DIY project requires figuring out some angles, pick up an angle finder. If you're not familiar with the measuring tool, two arms are hinged to a protractor. You use the tool to determine the outside corner and inside corner angles between two points. Craftsman can help you save money and toolbox space by providing you an angle finder that's also a compound cut calculator and level. In addition to measuring tools, we have everything you need from millwork tools to stair components. We know you like options, so we provide a number of measuring tools from a variety of trustworthy brands. We also make shopping easy online and have associates available to chat with you if you have questions. When you're ready to tackle a DIY project, turn to Sears.