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Standard Levels

Every tool kit needs a couple of standard levels to help you out with your routine home tasks, from hanging this year's family photograph to placing a new window. Levels are both affordable and easy to use. Laser levels can give you the precision you need for professional projects or large renovations, while the more traditional suspended-bubble models will accomplish most at-home jobs. Whether you want something that can fit in your pocket or manage your toughest projects, Sears can guide you to the best level to fit your needs.

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Hang it straight every time with easy-to-use standard levels

Hanging pictures, shelves and other wall-mounted items can be a pain when you have to constantly adjust the angle to ensure it is straight. Standard levels can help take the guesswork out of hanging objects, as well as assist with other home construction projects. Levels can be large enough to accommodate a variety of angles or small enough to fit in your pocket, and are useful for hanging just about anything.

A standard level is a simple tool that contains small bars filled with liquid and a little air bubble. The bars usually contain markers that indicate where the bubbles should fall when your item is perfectly level. Most standard levels will contain a bar that indicates a level horizontal object, while others will also include indicators for vertical straightness as well.

If you plant to use your level just for hanging pictures and shelves, you might be just fine with a design that only includes the horizontal option. However, you will get more bang for your buck when you use a standard level that includes all of the different options. For example, with a vertical level, you may not need to use plumb bobs for some of your projects. Laser tool accessories are more accurate for work that requires an exact measurement, but a standard level will get the job done more quickly for your normal house projects. And line reels used to set chalk lines are great for large projects, but small projects can be accomplished with the portable easy-to-use convenience of standard levels.

Levels can be used for more than just hanging household objects. If you are refinishing your kitchen, your level will help you hang cabinets or set a countertop. After all, you don't want your apples rolling away down the counter if you can avoid it! Likewise, your level can help you hang vertical attachments like garage door opener tracks, shower door hinges and even regular door and window frames.

If your child is begging to help out with home projects, a level is a great first tool. There is little risk of injury, and even the littlest tykes can tell you if the bubble is sitting in between the lines. Likewise, you can use your level to help explain the concepts of gravity, air and angles to young children. Plus, it never hurts to have a couple of extra helpful hands around when you are doing easy home projects.

Whether you need a level to hand this year's family photos or mount cabinets in your kitchen, a standard level can help you get the job done quickly and with ease. Sears has a variety of levels available to help you with all of your project needs. Whether you need a pocket level for on-the-go projects or a large multi-angle level, you are sure to find the perfect level that will work with your lifestyle and projects.


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