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      Fix dents with auto body repair kits from Sears

      When you have a dent in your fender, don't call a repair service. Fix it yourself with auto body kits from Sears. We have over 500 different auto body kits and tools for removing dents, painting fenders and repairing individual parts on your car or truck. Coat smaller pieces on your vehicle with an Eastwood powder-coating dual-voltage gun kit. Hammer out dents and dings with the Martin Tools body and fender kit. We also have Power Probe lead set kits and Phoenix Systems kits for bleeding your brakes and clutch fluids.

      Allow more room between the car and the floor with car jacks from Craftsman and OTC. Whether you have a smaller 1-ton compact car or a larger 10.9-ton diesel truck, you can find scissor, bottle and floor jacks to lift your vehicle off the ground. Consider a creeper set that includes a 3-ton floor jack and stands. With a creeper, you can slide under the car and back out again without dirtying your clothes and contorting your body. We have motorcycle and ATV jacks that also work for lifting yard tractors and snowmobiles.

      Get the tools you need to change the tires and to work on your car's engine when you invest in mechanics tool sets from Craftsman and C.R. Laurence. Instead of buying individual parts as you need them, get all of the tools you need at once with the Craftsman 255-piece tool set. It includes everything from socket wrenches to nut drivers. It also includes a top-lift storage chest for organizing your tools and accessories neatly in one place. We also have larger tool sets available, such as the 540-piece mechanic's tool set from Craftsman.

      If you lack the experience or tools to complete the job, bring your car to Sears for chassis alignment services. We have trained mechanics that diagnose the problem and complete repairs in the same day. Select from six-month to 3-year alignment services that include a full alignment and steering evaluation. Crooked steering wheels and unusual tire wear can cause alignment issues, so we inspect your car and make the necessary adjustments to get your car back on the road and running at its best. We also have oil change and maintenance services available while you wait.

      Fix the dents and dings in your car with an auto body kit, and use a car jack to raise your car off the ground to provide more room to work. Invest in mechanics' tool sets to have the sockets and ratchets you need for the job, and check out our chassis alignment services to improve your car's performance on the road. Turn to Sears when you need quality auto parts and automotive accessories for your car or truck.


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