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Automotive Air Tools

Are you dedicated to tinkering with your car? Are you serious about upgrading your ride with aftermarket parts? Mechanics air tools are indispensable when you are the serious car nut whose love for the automobile leads to upgrades, updates and at-home repairs of your daily driver. These tools are so powerful that they greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to fix your vehicle and add components to it. In between uses, store your impact wrenches, paint sprayers and other pneumatic tools on one of the many mechanics tool carts that Sears offers. Featuring two or three tiers, these carts offer plenty of space for bulky as well as smaller tools and plenty of their accessories. Wheels make it easy to move the tools wherever you need them to be. Go ahead; get more tools but keep your garage organized in the process.

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Mechanics' air tools offer power and convenience

If you enjoy working on your car in the garage, then you want a few mechanics' air tools to help with your maintenance work. Sears carries hundreds of name brand automotive air tools from Craftsman and Chicago Pneumatic that help you change tires and make adjustments on your vehicle. Use a Craftsman impact wrench to tighten and loosen bolts with ease, and invest in an adjustable clutch screwdriver for installing and removing screws at precise angles. From high-speed rotary sanders to rivet guns, you can find the air tools you need for your automotive repair work at Sears.

Along with impact wrenches and rivet guns, you need specialty automotive tools for checking the cooling system and tightening hose clamps. From Craftsman Professional to Tekton, you can find hundreds of name brand tools to help you overhaul your engine, oil system and air conditioner. Locate leaks from radiators and water pumps with the Craftsman cooling system pressure tester, and invest in the brake set module for working on your brake cylinders and installing new brake pads.

With a diagnostic tester, you can quickly diagnose your car's problem and make the necessary repairs. A Craftsman diagnostic tool takes the guesswork out of diagnosing your car's problem as it features an easy-to-read display that outputs the exact code for your specific maintenance issue. You can update your diagnostic tool easily with the included software that works with Windows operating systems. With a Power Probe master test kit, you have the tools you need to check your power injection system and to make polarity checks. Some diagnostic tools include battery backup power for making off-car reviews.

Once you have the problem diagnosed, you need complete mechanics' tool sets to repair the problem. Choose from Craftsman and Stanley tool sets that include over 500 different tools for tightening and loosening bolts, installing new wire and replacing gaskets. As an example, invest in the Craftsman mechanics' tool set that contains 540 tools, which include sockets, pliers, drivers and hex keys. Whether you work as a professional mechanic or you like to make repairs in your home garage, you can do everything from change a tire to replace a transmission when you have the right tools for the job.

Mechanics' air tools let you do the work of a professional mechanic in your own garage. Invest in specialty automotive tools for checking your cooling system and repairing your brake lines. Use diagnostic testers to evaluate the exact problem before opening the hood. With a complete mechanics' tool set, you can bypass the professionals and make the repairs yourself. Shop Sears for a full selection of professional automotive tools and accessories for your garage or professional workshop.


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