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      Use your automotive diagnostic manuals to ferret out the types of trouble codes your cars display. Whether you are dealing with on-board diagnostics or a "check engine" warning light, these types of manuals are invaluable when you try to decipher what you need to do to fix your vehicle. Why pay someone for a task you can perform yourself? Once you know what is wrong with the car, grab your automotive repair manuals to figure out how to fix the automobile Sometimes the repair can be as easy as replacing a fuse. Flexing your automotive do-it-yourself muscles saves you significant amounts of money. If you love older cars or have a vehicle in your driveway that the manufacturer warranty no longer covers, you owe it to your checkbook to have these manuals on your garage shelves.

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      Pinpoint the problem with diagnostic manuals from Sears

      Diagnostic manuals contain information about the codes you see when checking for problems in your vehicle. Sears carries a full selection of diagnostic manuals and automotive meters from Autodata and Actron for use in your workshop or garage. Autodata provides a diagnostic trouble codes manual that includes the location and possible causes of your malfunction in your OBD-I and OBD-II compatible vehicle. With an Actron diagnostic reader and a service manual, you have what you need to diagnose and find the cause of your car troubles.

      Additional automotive media such as books and software come in handy for learning how to install new car parts or evaluate your electrical system. Learn how transmissions work with CarTech's "High-Performance Manual Transmissions" how-to book, and see exactly how to assemble a 1968 Camaro with a Dave Graham factory assembly instruction manual. We also carry OTC battery diagnostic CDs and automobile software update kits for your car's computer system. In addition to diagnostic books, you can find repair manuals for your specific car make and model. Whether you need to tune a fuel-injection system or repair your 2007 Toyota Camry, you have access to automotive books and software to help you along the way.

      When it comes time to tackle your car repairs, you need a quality set of mechanics air tools from Craftsman Professional and Chicago Pneumatic. Invest in heavy-duty impact wrenches to loosen and tighten lug nuts and bolts quickly and easily, or opt for a complete Craftsman air tool set that includes the hose, an air hammer, two air wrenches and accessories. You can also find die grinders for sanding and polishing your metal car parts. Choose the Craftsman right-angle reversible drill for removing screws in hard-to-reach spaces, and keep the single-shot grease gun nearby to lubricate your car's grease fittings.

      Use your mechanics' tools to install new replacement headlights in your car or truck. Whether you have a busted headlamp or need a new bulb, you can find the exact headlight you need for your particular vehicle. We have headlights and halogen headlamps for Dodge, Toyota and Ford cars and trucks. You also have access to projector headlights with LED bars for your Acura or chrome headlamps for your Honda Del Sol.

      When you have car trouble, use your diagnostic meter and manual to find the exact cause of the problem. Invest in car books and other automotive media, and learn how to repair a transmission or to check the life of your battery. Shop online at Sears when you want an affordable selection of automotive parts and accessories for your car, truck or SUV.


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