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      Perform regular vehicle maintenance with the help of a car jack

      Changing your oil or working on your tires will mean lifting your vehicle with a car jack. Having a sturdy lift jack will make sure you stay safe while working underneath your car. Whether you prefer scissor jacks, floor jacks or a hydraulic car jack, you'll find the right one to help you reach the undercarriage of your vehicle. Once off the ground, you'll easily be able to slide underneath with a creeper from Sears.

      Working on your motorcycle or ATV will require a special type of jack. Motorcycle jacks are built specifically to handle the smaller dimensions and weight of your cycles, ATVs and even jet skis. Since these vehicles have different shapes than your car, you'll need a jack that can handle how the weight is balanced on a bike or four wheeler. Once lifted, you'll be able to grab your automotive air tools to fix any issues and keep all the parts in top shape.

      When working on a larger scale auto repair, jack stands hold your vehicle in place. They'll cradle your chassis and frame to give you a steady place to work. Sears as all the car jacks, jack stands and motorcycle lifts to help you perform any kind of vehicle repair or maintenance.


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