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Mechanics' tool sets come with everything you need

Get the tools you need for any mechanical job when you invest in mechanics tool sets from Craftsman. Sears carries an entire inventory of individual mechanics' tools and complete tools sets for working on the car engine or maintaining your lawn mower. You get even more tools when you choose the Craftsman 413-piece mechanics' tool set, which includes a number of socket wrenches, nut drivers and hex keys. From the workshop to your garage, Sears has the tools you need for the job.

Whether you're fixing the engine or changing a tire, it's important to have the right mechanics' tools. Automotive tools especially come in handy when working on the exterior. With Craftsman 10-inch car buffer tools, you can polish your car and return its showroom shine. We have combination polisher-sanders available for sanding down body putty, removing rust and polishing the paint. A Kawasaki speed sander features variable speeds for precise control when buffing your car, and the Fein oscillating multi-tool kit comes in handy for buffing and sanding wood and other materials in your garage. Avoid repetitive streaks with the Wen random orbit polisher, and stock up on Vermont American polishing bonnets to ensure that you have enough on hand for your buffing and polishing needs.

When you have to slide under the car to change the oil filter, use creepers to avoid ruining your clothing. A Craftsman 40-inch creeper works well for supporting your upper body and preventing strain on your back as you maneuver beneath the car. A creeper has durable rollers that glide smoothly over any floor, and its metal construction supports up to 1,000 pounds. We also carry creeper seats that provide a comfortable place to sit as you buff the car or work on the engine.

Along with a creeper, you should have heavy-duty car jacks on hand to provide more working space between the car and the floor. Even if you have a large truck, the Craftsman 2 1/4-ton floor jack lifts up to 4,000 pounds and has a contoured grip for easy handling. Choose between bottle jacks, scissor jacks and bottle jacks for lifting 3-ton vehicles off the floor. You can also find Craftsman motorcycle-ATV jacks for raising your vehicle to a comfortable working height.

Mechanics tool sets feature a variety of tools for removing lug nuts and replacing head gaskets. Car buffer tools return your vehicle to its original shine. Use car jacks to raise your vehicle off the ground, and invest in a creeper to get beneath it without straining your body. Whatever tool you need, Sears carries affordable automotive tools and accessories for your car.

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