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Seasonal weather changes can wreak havoc on your deck. Avert potential damage with deck care supplies that keep out the elements while sealing in beauty. Sears offers an impressive selection of weatherproofing necessities designed to protect your deck from all kinds of weather. Don't let heavy snow in winter or driving rain in summer turn the wood a pale, unsightly gray. Sealing cracks and keeping the surface treated let you enjoy a beautiful outdoor area for years to come. If your deck is looking a little neglected, Sears has staining accessories to refresh the look. Use specially formulated cleaners to lift away dirt and grime before you apply a new coat of stain, and your deck will look good as new.

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Enjoy the outdoors with deck care supplies

Decks and patios serve homes in numerous ways. A well-kept deck doubles as an entertainment area for your guests and a living space for your family. Decks furnished with the right supplies can be dining room and kitchens. Your kids can even use decks as secondary playrooms. In short, these outdoor spots add value to your home and all who dwell within as long as they receive the care they need. Sears has Deck Care Supplies that keep these areas strong and healthy regardless of climate or moisture. Deck waterproofing ensures that wood and cement withstand the test of time.

Waterproofing is a step that cannot be forgotten when caring for your deck. There are many other items that need to be updated on a regular basis as well. Caulking a deck is an important step in keeping dirt out of the splits and gaps that often appear in wood. This is a very easy step that anyone can accomplish with the right Caulking tools. Very small jobs might only require the purchase of a standard silicone adhesive sealant. You can caulk directly from the cartridge if you only have a small portion of space to seal. Larger jobs may be greatly improved by the purchase of a cartridge gun. These guns vary in size and style. A manual gun is a good choice for jobs that are few and far between. Long-lasting jobs that may recur frequently might require a battery-powered cartridge gun. These are also better choices for people whose hands may not be able to grip and squeeze the manual style.

A high quality wood stain does much more than beautify the deck. Stains also serve to protect delicate wood from the damage caused by harsh elements. Sun, rain and even wind can cause decks to fade and crack over time. Look for wood stains that are made for outdoor spaces. Outdoor stains usually contain fungicides that keep mold and bacteria from penetrating the wood. Fungicides do not appear in indoor stains because they can be toxic to humans when inhaled in an enclosed space over a long amount of time. Sears makes it easy to pick the right stain for your use. We have multiple shades and sizes so that you get the best product for your home.

No one enjoys relaxing on a deck if their yard is worn and tattered. Make the most of your outdoor experience by taking care of all of those home repairs that have been haunting you. A problem that is common with homes is cracked driveways. Driveway coating lets you seal and cover small cracks in an afternoon. Once this job is complete you can move on to the more important task of relaxing in your own backyard.

Superficial problems are often signs of more serious home issues. Keep those major reconstruction costs down by making small repairs as they appear. We at Sears are ready to help you with all of your home improvement needs. Purchase your deck care supplies today to keep your home a happy one.


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