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      Make Home Improvements Safer with Sturdy Painting Ladders

      Whether you're painting inside or out, you want to do the best job possible. Painting ladders let you get at those hard-to-reach places without worrying about wobbling or falling down. Paints and accessories from quality brands ensure a beautiful finish to any project. At Sears, you can shop for anything you need to improve the look of your home.

      Before you start painting, take the time to separate edges and other surfaces using high-quality painters tape. Designed to go on and come off smoothly, this special type of tape helps you create clean, sharp lines in any paint job. 3M, Scotch, Intertape and others offer sturdy painters tape in several widths, so you can easily line ceilings, section off trim or create two-color effects in any room. Not having to worry about mistakes during painting means less touch-up work at the end of the job. Though applying painters tape requires a little extra work, the beautiful results make it well worth the effort.

      A coat of exterior paint can give your home a whole new look with one simple job. Attractive semi-gloss colors brighten up weather-worn surfaces and make the outside of the house truly eye-catching. Freshen your existing color or try something a little different for a change of pace. Be sure to choose paint that is formulated specifically for outdoor use to prevent bubbling and peeling. As part of your outdoor paint job, consider giving your porch or deck a new coat of stain. In addition to providing rich, beautiful color, many stains work to protect natural wood surfaces from the elements. Clear sealants provide the same benefits while preserving the original tone of the wood.

      Your driveway is just as visible as the exterior of your home, so it doesn't hurt to give it a touch-up if you're already working outside. Driveway coating is essential to keeping any paved driveway in top condition. Changing weather throughout the seasons turns the classic deep black of asphalt to a pale gray, and extremes in temperature can cause the surface to crack. Cracking not only looks bad; it also compromises the integrity of your driveway surface and can lead to further damage. You can prevent the problem from spreading by filling in small cracks with a targeted crack repair compound. Regular treatment with an allover driveway sealant helps prevent damage and restores the original look of your driveway surface.

      Home improvement projects require the right tools and accessories to look polished and professional. Investing in the best possible quality helps to ensure that any painting job stays beautiful for years to come. Shop Sears for paint, painter's tape and more to make every project the best it can be.


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