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      Upgrade your home with paint strippers and accessories

      Is it time for a home makeover? Painting your walls and doors is a great way for you to change the look and feel of any home. Add a few decorative touches at the same time, and you are certain to upgrade a living space in a very cost-effective manner. When tired old varnishes and paints are in the way, paint strippers make the color change possible.

      Pain strippers are very useful when you are dealing with a paint layer buildup that spans multiple years, makeover projects or changes made by the home's prior residents. Some products are so sophisticated that they eat through seven or more layers of old paint in one application. These paint removers work on latex or oil paints. Usually it only takes one application of the pastes to strip off the underlying coats. For more stubborn paint layers, budget in additional time for a second application. Choose an odor-free product to prevent unpleasant chemical smells.

      Once you are done stripping paint off the walls, doors and ceilings, it is time to get out your caulking tools. Look for old caulk and remove it with a utility knife. Note the areas of the walls and ceilings that require a quick fix with the type of paintable caulk that the manufacturer rates for interior usage. Insert your caulking tube into a caulking gun and apply a new bead. Smooth out the bead with a caulk smoother. Using the right tools cuts down on the mess that usually comes from using caulk tubes without a flow control mechanism or trying to smooth beads with a finger.

      Look up for another opportunity to beautify and upgrade your home. Gorgeous medallion molding creates a ceiling focal point where a light fixture or ceiling fan needs a little help in blending in with the surface. Hide wires and insulation under this type of molding. Depending on the rest of your home decor, you can easily blend in an ornate or more muted medallion to continue decorative touches even on the ceiling.

      When you are ready to apply fresh paint to the walls and doors that the solvents have freed of old paint jobs, look to painting accessories that make your task easier. Paint sprayers are excellent choices for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to cover a large surface in a fraction of the time that the use of paint rollers would call for. These sprayers also let you expertly cover over uneven walls or those that feature some protrusions. Paintbrushes are indispensable for the fine work around door frames and windows.

      Sears carries a wide variety of paint strippers, caulking tools, medallion molding products and painting accessories. Plan your home improvement project today, and shop for your tools and accessories this afternoon. Go ahead; tackle the project this weekend. By next week, you can live in a newly updated home that suits your mood and is gorgeous to look at.


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