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Painting & Staining Accessories

When you purchase staining accessories, remember that many of those items can be used when you are painting. Cleaners, strippers, roller refills and other accessories that you need for staining jobs can be used or reused for painting, so you can realize some significant savings. The same can be said for painting accessories; many have a dual purpose for either paint or stain work. You can make remodeling and other decorating chores easy with a spray gun and free up more time for family and recreational pursuits instead of work. Our list of painting accessories includes many useful products like disposable paint tray liners, crack and gap fillers and protective clothing. Save time and money when you have double-duty staining and painting accessories on hand, ready to go.

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Find staining accessories to complete your masterpiece

One key to achieving a proud staining and painting job is to purchase the right accessories. Different surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, interior and outer walls require different methods to get the finest and longest-lasting effect. An inappropriate brush used with the wrong paint or stain on the wrong surface can yield lackluster results. Sears makes it effortless to find the supplies and accessories you need, whether you are looking to paint a room or looking to stain an antique wood chair.

When you are choosing interior paint, you can choose from a variety of finishes. Selections include flat or matte, semi-gloss and gloss. Each refers to the paint's shine, not the color itself. If you are looking to paint your living room or bedroom, flat paints are best. These muted paints also work well on low-traffic areas, including ceilings and walls that have surface flaws. Although flat paints are traditionally difficult to clean, you can opt for washable flat paints as an alternative. Semi-gloss and gloss paints are best for your bathrooms and kitchens because these high-shine paints enable you to wash your walls without harming the paint's appearance. If you had a water leak or anything that stained an area of your wall or ceiling, be sure to use a primer or stain-blocker before painting. Otherwise, the stain is likely to show. Primers like the Devcon Flexane Primers and the Zinsser Water-Based Primer/Sealer Stain Killer can remedy such issues. After an even coat of stain-blocker, you can paint right over the coat after it has dried.

Staining is the best option for your woodwork and trim. Stains add a pronounced and rich appearance to your wood while still enabling the natural characteristics of the wood to surface. A stain like the Minwax Polyshades Gloss Wood Stain is a superb and resilient choice because it not only stains in one easy step but also penetrates and seals the wood, preserving your finish. Ultimately, you save money, labor and time from not needing to refinish your hardwood floors frequently. A good product to add to your staining accessories is a hand cleaner. Stain is difficult to remove once it dries on your skin. Permatex Fast Orange Smooth Lotion Hand Cleaner is capable of removing stain without leaving your hands dry. This eco-friendly brew has no harsh chemicals, such as ammonia, which can sting cuts and abrasions.

If you are painting your entire house, a power painter may be the most efficient choice. This method can save you substantial time. A power spray like the Wagner 0525001 Power Painter Plus with Optimus features a dual tip technology to lessen overspray, to provide uniformed coverage and to afford control. The Wagner 9175 Airless Twin Stroke Piston Pump Paint Sprayer is perfect for residential and light commercial applications. You can add a Wagner Spray Tech 316-505 High Pressure Hose, suitable for airless equipment, to your collection of power painter supplies, and you will have 50 feet of hose that will reach anywhere in your home or business.

Whether you want to restore your hardwood floors to its original gleam or revamp your wall paint, you will need the right tools. Sears carries painting and staining supplies and accessories for your makeover projects so that you can paint and stain fearlessly!


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