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Renew exteriors with power sprayers, paint and accessories

Step up to power sprayers if you want to enjoy faster exterior painting that leaves surfaces with a smooth, even finish that looks professional. Power sprayers will cover broad areas like decks, garages and foundations in far less time than it would take to do it the old-fashioned way by painting with a handheld brush. Use a roller attachment with your power sprayers if you want to apply textured finishes or are working on high ceilings. Our exterior paint and power spray accessories work together to get jobs done quickly and with professional quality. You will recognize our famous brand exterior paint names like Dutch Boy, Quikrete and Rust-Oleum or our deck stains by Thompson's. We stand by every paint and painting accessory that we sell.

For jobs like decks or wood walkways that require staining to remain strong and good-looking, we carry many stains and staining accessories. Use colors or wood grain stains on furniture or outdoor structures to bring out natural aspects of each kind of wood or to create artistic points of interest. Patio furniture, decks, picnic tables and fences can be maintained and protected against weather with a good coat of stain. Use a power spray kit or hand brush to apply your chosen stain. With our staining accessories like rollers, brushes, edger tools, putty and other small tools, you have everything needed to complete staining jobs like a pro. Start by wearing Frost King Polyethylene painter gloves to avoid spills and splashes, and clean up later with our hand cleaners. Stains are a beautiful alternative to paint and add interest to your home or outdoor area. We have many choices and colors of stains available, and we can deliver everything to your location.

Beautifying your outdoor structures is a quick job when you use spray paint. This is the best way to cover large areas with an even coating of paint. Care for concrete, wood, metal or roofing surfaces with special spray paints that are specifically designed for those purposes. With spray paint guns, you have control over how much paint is applied and how broad an area the spray will reach. Use spray paint cups to change colors and add the tips or needles you prefer for the area you are trying to cover. We carry complete spray paint kits and individual products, including a wide variety of cans of spray paint. Paints are available in enamel, gloss, flat, matte and rubberized finishes from Rust-Oleum, Krylon and other reliable brands. When you use spray paints from Sears, you are getting the most affordable pricing and the best products for your painting jobs. Many are eco-friendly and cleanup is easily done with soap and water. If you need to paint items that are subject to high heat, like engines, barbeques or radiators, we also have a variety of spray paints for those jobs.

Renew exteriors, interiors and paint individual items like furniture quickly and with less mess using power sprayers, paint and accessories. We carry an abundant supply of products, including famous brand paints and spray guns. It's nice to know you can depend on Sears to always have a complete line of painting supplies for artistic or household painting activities. Pick up your order at any Sears store, or we can provide fast delivery.


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