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      Give new life to any surface with spray paint

      Spray paint is a great way to cover large areas quickly and evenly. They're a perfect way to bring an old metal patio table back to life or touch up a plastic lounge chair. With a variety of spray paint colors, you'll find the perfect shade for any taste. Sears carries plenty of painter's tape to make sure that the paint only gets on the area you want. Stock up on painting supplies and turn your furniture into a work of art.

      Different types of surfaces require different paint. Sears has a variety of spray paints that will work on metals, plastics and wood. There are also paints formulated specifically for appliances. Epoxy spray paint is durable enough to withstand household cleaners, grease and grime without fading. Changing up the color on a refrigerator can add a shock of style to your kitchen and liven up your home's look.

      Sears has paints from all the top brands. With a vast selection of Krylon spray paints, you'll be able to paint anything indoors or out and trust that your new paint job will be durable. The large selection of paint colors will be sure to suit anyone's sense of style. Get all the spray paints you need to brighten the decor of your home.


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