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      Make indoor and outdoor improvements with weather stripping

      Starting with application of weather stripping, make some indoor and outdoor improvements to keep your home or other buildings energy-efficient and looking good. An important part of home or building maintenance is keeping the facility weatherproof, and our weather protection products can help you with this task. From self-adhesive soft foam material and felt to caulk, sealant or spray-on foam, weather stripping takes many forms. It should be used to fill in cracks or holes and around windows, doors, outlets, beneath doors and any other places where outside air may sneak inside or where heat loss may occur from indoors to outside. Caulking tools make the application of caulk and other types of sealant fast and easy. Caulk or sealant fills cracks and will stop the unwanted exchange of air. It hardens to a rubbery texture and can be removed at a later time if you need to redo the caulking. This is also good to use around areas like bathtubs and sinks to prevent water seepage into walls. Use a tube or caulking gun to apply caulk and sealants.

      To keep your outdoor areas looking fresh and new, we stock many products like deck, foundation, roofing and driveway coating, and necessary application supplies. With driveway coating, you have the opportunity to prevent deterioration and preserve value. Start with one of our cleaners and then fill in cracks or holes with patch filler or sealants. Use concrete or blacktop coating to finish the job to get that refreshed look to your driveways and walkways. Similar products are available for roofing, decks and foundation walls. For indoors, we have cleaners, sealers, caulking products and paints designed to add protection to basement walls and floors and other areas that need weatherproofing or waterproofing. These products are made to withstand the vast variations in temperatures that occur seasonally. We also stock the brushes, rollers, sprayers, paints and accessories you will need to do these jobs as a professional would do them.

      Making improvements to your indoor rooms can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, or you can easily add a decorator's touch by using appliques and wall borders. Wall borders can be placed near the top of the wall, at chair-rail height or near the bottom of the walls. We have many beautiful designs including sports activity borders, flowers and colorful abstracts. College themes, professional sports logos, decals and sporting equipment wall borders are nice accents to place in a youngster's bedroom or a recreation room. Young children love our wall borders that feature popular Disney characters. For a quieter tone, we have lovely floral patterns, traditional fabric designs and many more. You will find all the brushes and application tools you need at Sears, along with scrapers and other materials to prepare and finish your redecoration projects.

      Making indoor and outdoor improvements is easy when you shop at Sears. Materials, accessories, tools and ideas are abundant at our store. We have durable weather stripping, driveway coatings, indoor paint and wall borders from name-brand manufacturers. Have your selections delivered to your office or home location or pick up orders at your nearest Sears.


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