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Fit together any pipes with flaring tools

Fitting together pipes requires that the connector fits as tightly as possible. Flaring tools will give you centered flares on pipes made of softer metals like copper or aluminum. These are the types of metal pipes that you'll see in your home plumbing and car brake lines. With the purchase of this easy-to-use tool, you'll be able to fix a broken fitting without having to call in a professional.

When you're working on flaring your pipe, you need to make sure it is locked solidly into place. The flare tools that you can choose from all come with large wing nuts that tighten down around the pipe easily. You can even use the turning handle for the flaring yoke to give you a bit of extra leverage on these oversized wing nuts. The reason you need such a tight lock on the tool is to keep the pipe from sliding out of the tool during the flaring process. There is going to be quite a bit of downward force on the pipe, and any sliding can give you an oblong flare that won't receive the fitting properly.

Once you have your pipe flared and the fitting in place, you've got to tighten it down. Since you're working with softer metals, you'll need wrenches that won't damage the metal during the turning process. For this, you'll want to pick up some flare nut wrenches. What makes these different from your standard wrench is that their jaws are long, and more encompassing. The long jaws distribute the force more equally around the nut and will keep the wrench from slipping, ensuring that you won't damage the pipe or the nut in the process.

When it comes to fixing the brake line in your car, you'll need to double flare the pipe to get the right fit. Sears offers a number of flaring tools that come with the adapters you need to get a double flare. Once you've got the line back in place and you're ready to tighten the fitting, you'll need some tools to get to these tough to reach spots. Crowfoot wrenches are perfect for getting into those small spaces in your car's inner workings.

Fitting together pipe is quick and easy with the use of a pipe flaring tool. Shop at Sears for the flaring tools you need to complete all your plumbing and automotive projects.


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