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      Your decision to look into the purchase of pipe threading machines proves that you are not merely a do-it-yourself hobbyist. The willingness to invest in a machine that cuts, threads and also reams pipes for various purposes squarely identifies you as a do-it-yourself master. Look for a tool that makes the replacement of the dies quick and easy. A foot pedal frees up your hands, which further enhances the accuracy of your work. Do not forget to also take a closer look at the available pipe fittings. When you plan ahead and identify the types of fittings you intend to use, you can put pipe threading machines to best use. Are you ready to take on the pipe-fitting tasks you usually pay the professional to tackle?

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      Cut installation time with pipe threading machines

      Plumbers installing gas and water pipe will improve their profit margin with efficient pipe threading machines from Sears. If youre still threading pipe at the shop, having a portable threading machine on your truck will save you time and cost. For many jobs, a handheld pipe threading tool from Ridgid will be enough. They feature high-speed steel dies in sizes from 1/2 in. to 1 1/4 in. A ratchet handle gives you needed leverage. Kits from Bovidix feature standard and metric taps along with a tap wrench, die wrench and other essential tools of the trade. In addition to pipe threading machines, we carry all the accessories you need for steel line installation. Fittings and connectors are available in all standard sizes to complete the job.

      Pipe cutters with high-tensile steel blades allow you to cut steel pipe from stock to fit your purposes or remove pipe when making renovations. Superior Tool cutters deliver professional performance for steel pipe up to 2 in. in diameter. Their crank handles and wide rollers do the work quickly and efficiently. Ivy Classic Heavy-Duty pipe cutters can be converted to a three-wheel cutter for use where space doesnt allow the tool to make a complete revolution. We also have thread cutting oil for all your threading and cutting tasks

      If youre planning to work on underground pipes, pipe locators are essential equipment for safety and success. Ridgid makes cost-effective pipe locators for finding pipes under yards and asphalt. They give different signals for pipes and cables to avoid confusion. Sears has marking paint and flags to ensure safe digging to reach the pipe for maintenance or repairs.

      Specialty plumbing tools from Sears cover all the bases. A handy plumbers repair kit from Rothenberger includes a cutter and ratchet drop-head threader for quick repairs to pipe up to 1 in. Soft paste thread compound helps to ensure a secure fit for the pipes while reducing the risk of leaks. Youll use a Lehigh swaging tool often as you add fittings to pipes before making connections. The 18-in. handle adds needed leverage to compress fittings for a permanent connection. Right here at Sears, you can stock up on all the pipe accessories you need. We have great prices on steel elbows, nipples and short lengths of pipe in the sizes you use every day.

      When youre installing gas line, you want to be sure the parts and tools for the job are of the highest quality. We give you that assurance with products from the top brands in the industry. Make us your plumbing parts supplier, and well help you be successful and safe on every job.


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