Dealing with a clogged toilet is a scary proposition unless you have the right tools on hand. Plungers are old standbys that are handy and easy to use. Unlike plumbing augers and drain cleaning machines, you can keep plungers in plain view in your bathroom for anyone to use in case of an emergency. Since practically everyone knows how to use a plunger, you can keep it available for family or houseguests to grab in case the toilet gets stopped. If you handle the problem quickly with a plunger, you will not need to use heavier equipment like drain cleaning machines. Sears offers top plunger brands like Neiko, Cobra and Essential Home that will help keep your toilets operating smoothly.

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Knock down clogs with quality plungers

Plungers are basic bathroom plumbing tools, but also it is one of the most important tools for tackling clogs. A plunger is the first thing you reach for when a toilet fails to flush properly. They are intuitive to use and, in most cases, they get the job done. Sears carries a complete product lineup including cup and bellows plungers.

The G T WATER All Purpose Utility Bellows Plunger can handle all types of drain clogs including those in difficult-to-reach areas. Made of high-grade polyethylene, this all-purpose plunger is available in black, white and plum colors. The streamlined design makes it possible to use this tool in garbage disposals and other narrow areas. Capable of about 3.5 times the suction power of standard plungers, the GT WATER has a patented air release valve activated by turning your hand.

An industrial strength option is the Neiko Heavy-Duty All-Angle Super-Power Plunger. Equipped with a durable steel handle, this plunger allows you to apply full force in breaking up clogs. The rubber cup is extra pliable with special ridges that allow you to create a tight seal from multiple angles on any sized drain. The plunger is particularly effective for use in hard-to-reach areas, and it cleans easily after use.

Plungers work well when used in conjunction with chemical drain cleaners for regular toilet maintenance. Materials like toilet paper, hair and food waste can build up on the walls of pipes causing the slow drain phenomenon. Chemical drain cleaners dissolve fats and proteins using acidic or alkaline ingredients. Options to chemical products are natural drain openers that use enzymes and other agents to break up clogs.

Plumbing augers are useful for extra tough clogs that plungers cannot handle. These augers use spring wires with boring heads to attack stoppages mechanically. Most augers have handles that you use to spin the spring wire for additional clearing action. Drain cleaning machines are motorized versions of plumbing augers. These machines have special electrical safety features that allow you to use them in wet areas.

Sears offers top brands of plungers including G T WATER, Everflow Industrial Supply and Cobra Products. To find the right product, use the sorting and filtering options available at the top and left of the page respectively. For example, you can sort projects by price or popularity. We offer regular discounts on household items up to 70 percent or more off the regular price. For assistance in finding any product, contact a member of our Blue Tool Crew by clicking on the blue-highlighted link at the top right of the page. We also offer live online chat and email customer support options. Our Sears experts can provide you with details on our latest special offers. If you are a member of Shop Your Way MAX, you will enjoy free shipping for all orders. Certain products are also eligible for free two-day shipping. Shop Sears now to find the right plunger for your bathroom.


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