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You're ready to install the plumbing in your new addition or vacation cabin, but you quickly encounter situations calling for specialty tools that are not in your toolbox. Sears has hand-held tube benders and tube bending springs for working with small-diameter copper tubing or thin-walled steel pipe. For work with pipe up to three inches in diameter, try a bench-mounted or truck-mounted bench bender. We have tubing cutters, pipe threaders and flaring tools for cutting pipe and making connections. With our tools, fittings and other plumbing accessories, you can install your entire water system from the wellhead to the pressure tanks to the sinks, showers, toilets and drains. Use the same tools to hook up your furnace, water heater and other natural gas appliances.

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Get the right fit with handy tube benders

If you install water line, having the ability to accurately and easily bend pipe reduces installation time. Tube benders from Sears bend tubing made from copper, aluminum and mild steel without creasing or cracking the metal. Most make bends up to 180-degrees without having to cross handles. The long handles give you the leverage needed to bend the tube with a hand tool rather than a power tool. Empire and Superior Tool make affordable tube benders that are suitable for occasional use. ATE, Woodward Fab and Ridgid manufacture contractor-quality tube benders with the excellent durability and precision measuring plumbers need require. Jet brand manual hydraulic pipe benders are expensive, but if you need a high-volume machine, those like the Jet 331910 pipe bender will quickly pay you back in time saved.

The right fittings are essential for making connections for gas or water pipe. We carry brass, mild steel and PVC pipe fittings in all diameters from the industry's top brands like Charlotte Pipe and Anvil. Straight couplers and elbows at all standard angles are available to help you fit pipe. Joint compound for steel line and cleaner and glue from Oatey for PVC pipe will produce safe, leak-proof fits.

Pipe threading machines come in handheld sizes to take with you to the work site. Those from Steel Dragon Tools and Bovidix come with threading dies in all standard pipe sizes up to 1 1/4 in. Straight handles must be fully rotated to cut the thread. Ratcheting handles on some pipe threading machines from Ridgid save work. Having Thexton Universal pipe thread gauges with you allow you to quickly size the pipe for threading or determining the right fittings for the job. You may want to pick up thread-cutting oil that will keep your cutting dies sharp. Complete oiling kits are available from Steel Dragon Tools.

The last essential for pipe fitting is to have a selection of pipes. We supply copper, steel and all types of PVC pipes. Coils of polyethylene pipe for drains come in 1 in. and other diameters. Adapters connect square-tube downspouts to round drains. Pipes with elbows are used for installation of all types of drains. If you're building a drain field or other large PVC system, we have an inventory of elbows and couplers along with solvent cement for wet locations. We also carry thermal foam and wrap insulation for water pipes that will conserve energy and prevent dripping from condensation.

Having the right tools, pipe and accessories for pipe fitting helps to ensure success. You'll find those products right here at very competitive prices. Make Sears your plumbing supply store, and we'll promptly get you what you need for every installation.


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