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      Grind and more with bench grinder accessories

      Bench grinders are much more versatile than their name implies. When you add bench grinder accessories, your grinder adds sanding, cutting and polishing to its resume. For grinding, you'll find wheels from 36 grit to 100 grit and in the right diameter for the work. Wire brush wheels quickly de-bur parts and remove corrosion. Cut-off wheels have the toughness to cut pipe, re-rod and other hard materials. Buffing and polishing wheels made from cloth and leather will bring the shine out of finishes on metal and wood. Stick-on sanding discs come in convenient multi-packs and are easy to remove. They're available in finer grits like 320 for finishing woodworking projects. Craftsman bench grinder stands offer a secure mount for grinding, polishing and more.

      When the motor in your grinder, table saw or other large tool quits, tool motors from Sears are affordable alternatives to buying a new tool. We carry durable motors from Dayton, Unisaw and other proven brands. You can install most of them quickly by bolting them in and making simple wire connections. You'll find OEM and universal replacement tool motors that will put tools back in business.

      If woodworking is your hobby or profession, high quality router attachments are essential to your enjoyment and success. When you attach a dovetail template to the router table, you'll have an easy guide for making joints in pieces for doors and furniture. Router edge guides produce more accurate cuts. We carry single guides and kits for working with a variety of wood dimensions and widths. A Kreg router table lift gives you a stable base at a comfortable height for working while seated or standing. Router attachments include hundreds of bits to make the exact edge or cut you want.

      Table saws can't match the precision of a router, but they handle a much more diverse range of cuts. Multipurpose table saw blades do a good job cutting plywood, dimensional lumber and PVC. For harder materials like fiber cement board, we carry blades tipped with carbide and diamond. If you are using your table saw for finished carpentry work, a trim blade will deliver smoother cuts for baseboard trim, crown molding and cabinetry. Compact table saws feature blades as small as 3.5 in. Full-size blades are 10 in. to 12 in. You'll find the size and type you need when you make us your supplier for table saw blades. Cost savings are available when you purchase a pack of the blades you often replace.

      We carry power tools and the accessories required to keep them performing at their peak. You'll quickly find what you're looking for when you shop by brand, size or type. Choose Sears for high quality tools and accessories at prices you'll be glad you found.


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