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Buff wood and stone with buffer accessories from Sears

Your floor buffer does more than just buff and polish hardwood flooring. It also buffs granite, stone and tile when you use buffer accessories from Weiler and Eastwood. Sears carries an entire inventory of name brand buffers and buffing accessories for both handheld and upright floor buffers. Stock up on terrycloth, lambswool and synthetic bonnets for your buffer, and use Damo Dry Diamond pads for concrete and marble floors. With an Eastwood buffing kit, you receive buffing pads, aerosol and rouge to buff everything from plastic to jewelry.

Whether you have a handheld buffer or other cordless tools, you may want to keep extra tool batteries and a charger on hand for each of your power tools. From Craftsman to DeWalt, you have access to high-capacity 19.2-volt rechargeable batteries that provide hours of battery life in a single charge. If you have Craftsman C3 power tools, then you can interchange your batteries to work with any tool in the lineup. Invest in single or dual battery packs depending on your needs, and keep them charged and ready for work with a QuickBoost Lithium-ion charger.

Just as you need different buffer pads for buffing various surfaces, you need drill attachments to enhance your corded or cordless power drill. Consider a 2-piece Craftsman socket adapter set for converting your cordless drill into a power driver. Craftsman clamps keep your wood in place, and a drill guide gives you a steadier hand to drill precise holes. You can also find magnetic and non-magnetic nut driver sets and 3/8-inch square socket adapters. Transform your cordless drill into a paint blender with the Craftsman paint blending drill attachment, and remove rust and grime from metal with a wire-end brush attachment.

You can even enhance your rotary tool with multi-tool kits and rotary tool accessories from Craftsman and Drill Doctor. Get precise control as you make intricate details in your wood with the Craftsman flex-shaft attachment. A rotary tool does more than detail wood and cut metal screws; it also removes grout from your bathroom tile with a grout removal attachment. You can also attach polishing pads to buff your stone countertops or use the spiral-cutting guide to cut through drywall. We also have fine sander bands and high-speed cutter bits to complete your rotary tool accessory kit.

Buff and polish wood and stone with buffer accessories for your handheld or floor buffer. Extra tool batteries come in handy for multiple projects, and rotary tool accessories give you the power to cut, sand and polish all with one tool. Turn to Sears when you want name brand power tools and accessories for your commercial and weekend projects.


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