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      Get more done with drill bits from Sears

      High quality drill bits from Sears turn your single drill into a tool that can do hundreds of jobs. Most come in sets of related bits, so you'll have the right diameter for each hole you want to make. Choosing a set of 24-100 drill bits is a great way to get started. The largest sets contain different types of bits to accomplish a variety of tasks. Standard bits are suitable for use on drywall, dimensional lumber and plastics. Hardened-steel bits are ideal for drilling pilot holes in concrete or metal. Many sets come with spade bits for boring holes for wire or pipe. If you use your drill as a driver, consider purchasing a set that comes with a variety of driving bits such as Phillips and Torx. Titanium sets are a good choice for contractors who want long-term durability for drill bits that get heavy use.

      If you use a cordless drill or other cordless power tools, having fully-charged replacement tool batteries for the job site is essential. Our selection includes Ni-Cad batteries for older series of cordless tools and newer lithium ion batteries that offer impressive power and run times. We have the size you need for your cordless tool. Internal batteries include 3.6-volt and 7-volt batteries. Attachable batteries are available in voltages of 12, 18, 19.2 and 20 for tools from Craftsman, DeWalt and most other brands. We have chargers for all the brands and tool batteries we sell.

      When you need a chuck to handle drill bits of different diameters, reach for drill chucks from Sears rather than switch drills. Most add-on chucks insert into your existing chuck by using a bit post. Chucks from Jacobs and South Bend come in affordable models for home use and professional drill chucks for contractors. Sizes available include 1/4 in., 1/2 in. and 5/8 in. chucks.

      Drill press accessories help you make the most of your equipment. Press tables give you the sturdy work surface required for accuracy of location and depth. They are equipped with adjustable vises to hold the piece securely. If your drill press table is in good shape, then a vise may be all you need. We carry vise grips from Proxxon, Palmgren and other brands preferred by professionals. Vises can be bolted to the table to ensure stability, and they come in several sizes to meet your needs. We carry an excellent selection of drill press bits for all applications.

      Drilling and boring are common tasks for DIY homeowners and professional contractors. We have the right tools, bits and accessories for your success. Depend on Sears for great selection, unbeatable prices and prompt delivery.


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