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      Drill chucks hold your bits in place as you work

      Whether you have a small or large project to do, you want to make sure you have a durable drill chuck that can handle the workload. Sears provides an entire selection of drill chucks and keys from Jacobs and Metabo for your cordless and corded power drills. Choose from 1/4-inch to 5/8-inch drill chucks from South Bend that work with lathes and mills. With the 1/4-inch Jacobs Adapt-A-Drive chuck, you can convert your cordless power drill into a multipurpose mini drill.

      Along with drill chucks, we also carry drill press accessories that increase your versatility in the workshop. A drill press helps you make accurate and precise holes in wood and metal, and the Craftsman drill press vise keeps the wood and metal stable as you drill. For drill holes of various sizes and shapes, you need mortising chisel bits and high-speed shank bits from CRL. You can also invest in the CRL drill and thread tap set, which includes multiple machine-length bit sizes, wire gauges and threading taps. With its convenient carrying pouch, you can keep the set on hand as you work or in a toolbox without taking up much storage space.

      Enhance your drill press or cordless drill even more with drill sharpeners and attachments from Craftsman and Drill Doctor. Depending on the attachment, you can convert your drill into multiple tools in one. As an example, use the Crafting buffing wheel and compound set attachment to use your drill as a handheld buffer. Socket adapter bits transform your drill into a power driver, and drill guides provide the steady hand you need when drilling precise holes into wood and metal.

      Just as drill attachments improve your power drill, router bits enhance your cordless and corded power routers. With a default router bit, you can make cuts on the wood's surface and create smooth bevels along the edges. Investing in a Craftsman router bit set gives you access to steel bits, replacement bits and V-groove bits for creating intricate inlays and designs for your woodworking projects. We also have dovetail and tongue-and-groove router bits available for cutting the exact grooves you need. From round corner bits to Roman ogee bits, increase your creativity when designing your next wood project.

      Secure your drill bits in place with heavy-duty drill chucks, and invest in drill press accessories to enhance your workflow in the shop. Drill attachments improve your drill press and cordless drill, and router bits give you even more control over the type of design you want to create. Visit Sears for the best brands of power tools and accessories for your on-site and at-home workshops.


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