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A drill is only as good as its drill bit. Using a dull drill bit not only makes it more difficult to drill the holes you need, but it also puts more stress on the drill itself. Investing in a drill bit sharpener will help extend the life of your bits and your drill. Sears has models that will even allow you customize the angle of the drill bit tip during sharpening. These sharpeners can handle any material from steel to bits tough enough for masonry work. Keep your drill bits sharp enough to bore through any medium with ease and efficiency.

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Keep your bits sharp with a drill sharpener

With steady use, your drill bits are going to wear down. A bit used for thick steel, and masonry work will go dull even more quickly. To keep them in top condition, you'll want to pick up a drill sharpener. These drill bit sharpeners will get your bits back their original edge, so the bit and the drill itself will be working better. Using dull drill bits puts quite a bit of unnecessary stress on your drill. With a dull bit, you'll have to drill for longer periods of time, push down on the drill harder and make the engine work harder. By simply keeping the bit sharp, you'll lengthen the life of your drill as well.

If you're a pro, or an extreme DIY fan, you probably have a wide selection of drill bits in various mediums. A sharpener is a great tool to add to your stock of drill accessories. You'll want to make sure that whatever sharpener you purchase can handle each and every bit you have. Sears has models that can handle steel, black oxide, carbide, tin-coated, cobalt and even masonry bits. This versatility increases the value of your sharpener. Investing in a sharpener that can rejuvenate even the most specialized drill bit will help you save money. Always having to replace these bits can get costly in the long run.

No matter the project, drilling requires a great deal of accuracy. Your sharpener can help you get the precision you need for any task. Certain models give you the option of customizing the drill bit tip angle. This level of control can give you that extra precision for your most specialized work. Then, once your work is complete, you can re-sharpen the bit back to its original setting. This is an asset even for your drill press. Adding an angled tip drill bit to your press will give you a degree of accuracy that can't be matched.

If you're not working with a wide range of drill bits, there are sharpeners that are best for lighter usage. A smaller model bit sharpener is great to add to your woodworking tool set. These models are perfect if you're most often drilling into softer materials like wood and plastic. They are less expensive than the more heavy duty models, but will be able to handle these basic drill bits easily.

Drill bit sharpeners will take your old and worn out bits and have them working like new in no time. Swing by Sears and get your drill sharpener to make it easier than ever to tackle any drilling job.


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