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Find lathe accessories to complete your dream project

Any woodturning project requires a set of unique accessories. Whether these tools are spindle gouges, parting tools, skew chisels or lathe chisel sets, the right accessories facilitate a smooth work process. In general, you can alleviate project uneasiness with proper protective gear, tools and accessories. Finding high quality tools is simple. Sears carries the latest accessories and equipment to help make your current or next project a successful one.

If your project consists of making wood furniture, a good set of woodturning tools is essential. Depending on your needs, consider lathe accessories like the Rikon Wood Turning Set and the Craftsman Turning Tool Set. The Craftsman set, for example, has high-speed steel blades that remain sharp six times longer than carbon steel blades. Hardened, heat-treated and tempered for long-lasting strength, the steel helps improve performance and enable greater accuracy. You can also opt for heavy-duty lathe stands to support your lathe and to promote work safety.

A miter saw is another tool that requires proper accessories. When choosing your miter saw accessories, be sure that the fixtures are made for your make and model of saw. Trying to attach or use an accessory not specifically made for your miter saw can cause anything from tool malfunction to kickback, which can cause considerable harm. You never want to be unaided when you lay your miter saw on a bench or table. An unstable miter saw can easily fall. Approved stands like the Craftsman CM Compact and Craftsman CM Mobile can mitigate such issues.

Possessing the right accessories for your power tools is critical, and a planer is no exception. We have planer accessories to assist in building your project. A comprehensive kit like the Bosch 1594K 6.5 Amp Planer Kit is an apt selection. This particular kit includes a planer, blade wrench, chip bag and case. Deep cuts are possible in a single swipe without bogging, enabling you to do your work more efficiently. Designed with safety in mind, the Bosch kit has a spring-secured rest stand to safeguard the workpiece and blade. Moreover, accidental starts are obsolete because of the lock-off release button.

To safeguard your tools, use a tool storage. When tools are stored properly, they are less prone to damage. Bottom rollaway tool chests come in a variety of sizes to fit your tool collection. Storage capacities run from under 400 pounds to more than 1,000 pounds. If you need on-the-go storage, consider truck boxes that are designed for storing and transporting tools on a truck. You can choose from a bevy of trusted brands like Craftsman, International and Viper Tool Storage. The goal is to preserve your tools and keep them working safely and efficiently.

Whether you are looking for turning tools, replacement blades or tool storage, you will find the variety you seek to turn your passion project into a finished creation that you can be proud of. Shop Sears today to realize your dream project.


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