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      Get more work done with miter saw accessories

      A miter saw has many uses, and the right miter saw accessories allow you to maximize its potential. The most common accessory is the blade. We carry blades for every purpose. Trim carpentry blades feature high tooth count and finer teeth to make smooth cuts in trim and molding. They work well for cutting vinyl and other types of siding too. General-purpose blades are a good choice for cutting PVC pipe and dimensional lumber. A diamond-tipped blade will allow you to power through heavier materials like ceramic or aluminum tiles. A miter saw stand or portable base will give you stability for making safe, precise cuts. You can add extenders to many stands that support large pieces. Add-on vise assemblies and hold-down clamps help make every cut as accurately as possible.

      Serious woodworkers will appreciate our selection of jigs for a range of tasks. Dovetail jigs are essential when making drawers and other types of furniture. A dovetail jig set gives you options for every job. Planer and jointer blade jigs are available in a variety of sizes when making pieces to securely fit together.

      Spiral cutting tool accessories from Sears help you multitask using your spiral saw. A grout removal bit makes for quick work during repairs and maintenance of a tile floor or wall. A wall-tile cutout bit allows you to precisely trim tile for electrical outlets or seams. Other spiral cutting tool accessories specialize in trimming drywall, powering through welds and grinding different materials. Cutting heads come in various sizes for rough cutting and precision cuts too. Most are made from hardened materials like cobalt steel and are coated for toughness and resistance to corrosion.

      No matter what type of work you're doing, a commitment to tool safety will protect your hands, eyes and more. Outfit yourself and your crew with safety accessories from Sears. Mechanics gloves and utility gloves improve your grip on tools. They protect hands in tight places like engine compartments or when working with sharp materials like sheep metal. Eye safety includes glasses and goggles. Lighted safety glasses free you from holding a flashlight while working in dark places. Ear muffs and ear plugs provide protection for your hearing when working with loud equipment. Knee pads, reflector vests and other accessories complete the tool safety wardrobe from Sears.

      Sears has the tools on your list as well as the accessories that help you get the best performance from them. Our selection is excellent, and it's easy to find what you want as you shop by brand or part. Make Sears your one-stop shop for products essential to your success and safety.


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