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Thickness planers are only as good as their cutting edges. When planer knives lose their edge, Sears is the place to find just the right replacements. We have dozens of planer knives from such quality manufacturers as CMT, Powertec and Delta. Available as singletons or in sets, our planer knives range in length from 8 to 37 inches and come in multiple widths and thicknesses, to accommodate all sorts of power planers. Some of our high-speed steel knives qualify as industrial grade. We also carry other planer parts, including heads, depth stops, parallel stops and edge guides to complete your workshop.

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Planer accessories improve your woodworking skills

When you invest in planer accessories, you get the tools you need to flatten the wood's surface and make the exact shapes you want. Sears provides a full list of planers and accessories from cutter bits to replacement blades. Whether you choose Craftsman or Black & Decker in your workshop, you have access to knife sets that improve your cutting ability and help you relieve the backs of chair rail and molding. You can also use the Bosch planer-rabbeting depth stop for precision cutting on your wood.

Other woodworking tools to consider for your workshop include lathes and lathe accessories. Set your lathe at a comfortable height with the Jet adjustable stand, and create wood pens easily with the Craftsman 3-piece pen turning set. A South Bend lathe rocker post features an adjustable rake angle for precision cutting. You also have access to Z Live Center morse tapers, which fit the tapered spindle and hold other tools such as drill chucks. FlexiGuard safety shields protect your eyes from loose chips and dust, and the crown hollowing tool works best for hollow turning and running beads and coves.

Miter saws also come in handy in the workshop since they cut both wood and metal depending on the blades you use. With a few miter saw accessories, you can adjust the height of your saw or support longer wood and metal pieces for cutting. Setting the miter saw on the floor works fine if you need it nearby as you work, but a Craftsman compact tool stand elevates and stabilizes your saw for better convenience. When cutting long boards, place the HTC heavy-duty adjustable roller stand next to the saw to support the wood as you cut it.

If you want to improve your woodworking skills with a planer, then you need a selection of planer blades that give you full control over the wood as you work. Choose from Craftsman and Tersa replacement blades of various sizes for your handheld planers. Powertec blades feature high-speed steel that maximizes the blades' cutting life, and they have reversible cutting edges for back and forth motions. From DeWalt to Craftsman, you have access to planer blades that help you flatten and shave uneven wood surfaces.

Consider planer accessories and blades for your woodworking shop if you plan to level a tabletop or reduce the thickness of wood. Invest in lathe accessories such as turning blades and stands for making chair legs and stair ballisters. Improve the height and functionality of your miter saw with table stands and other miter saw accessories. Shop Sears when you need professional name brand power tools and accessories at affordable prices.


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