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      Add Versatility with Rotary Tool Accessories

      Rotary tool accessories improve the functionality of your drill, driver or rotary tool. You can turn it into a cutting tool for PVC and pipe made from copper or steel. Cut-off wheels come in single discs or packs. A stainless steel brush or flap wheel is ideal for removing loose paint or rust. Sanding pads and discs are made in various grades for rough and finish sanding. A grout attachment will prove helpful when you are repairing tile flooring or walls, and a spiral cutting guide comes in handy for making accurate cuts in drywall. A Craftsman Multitool accessory kit puts many of these functions into one convenient collection. Router bits, engraving tools and cutting heads round out the lineup of rotary tool accessories that help you get so much more done with any driver.

      You can greatly increase the versatility of a bench grinder too. We carry hundreds of bench grinder accessories to help you take advantage of its capabilities. Our bench stands provide a dedicated spot to do your grinding, sanding and buffing. They have very sturdy bases and a tray tool. Some are lighted for convenience. Grinding wheels and sanding discs are available in a range of grits. Wire brushes come in flat wheels, knotted brushes and flap wheels. Disposable cut-off wheels go through pipe and steel bar with ease. Buffing wheels put the right finish on your projects while honing wheels give you the edge you want on knives and scissors.

      Polisher accessories give you options for putting a shine on wood, steel and paint. Bonnets come in leather, lamb's wool and synthetic materials to produce the performance you want. ADT makes polishing pads that bring out the luster in natural granite and marble counter tops and floors. Kits come with their own back holder. The pads start at 50-grit and range all the way to 3,000-grit for high-gloss finishes. ADT's diamond polishing pad sets are ideal for natural stone and today's popular concrete counter tops and floors.

      We carry spiral cutting tool accessories that accomplish hundreds of tasks. Cutout bits offer precision for cutting around electrical boxes. The spot-weld cutter comes in handy when making repairs. Hole saws are useful when you need to run a vent, wire or pipe through sheathing. With hundreds of bits and attachments, you'll find the perfect tool for every task.

      Rotary tools of all kinds are handy in the shop and on the job site. We've got the accessories that maximize what they can do. Make Sears your one-stop store for rotary attachments that expand the usefulness of your drivers, grinders and polishing tools.


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