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Replacement Blades

Stock up on replacement tool blades

Having a supply of replacement tool blades reduces downtime on the job. We supply blades for circular and table saws that vary in size, shape and number of teeth so that you can find the one that meets your purposes. Reciprocating saw blades take a beating on pipes, nails and other tough objects. Craftsman bi-metal replacement blades fit most saws and are very easy to replace when yours gets dull or breaks. Band saw blades are available in the width and configuration you need for rough and fine cutting. We carry blades for jointers and planers in various sizes to fit most machines. Replacement blades for jigsaws and oscillating tools round out our collection of tool blades. For convenience and lower per-blade costs, many of these blades are available in multipacks.

Jobsite storage takes many forms. For tools and equipment, a large Craftsman or Excel box is ideal. Bins made from tough materials are available in open and closeable sizes. For small parts, modular compartment boxes from Holt or Durham will help you stay organized. We have labeling machines and write-on labels for all those compartments. Durham makes a selection of parts bins that keep parts handy during production. If you need to meet labeling requirements for storage, we have stickers for hazardous and nonhazardous materials. Jobsite storage options for emergency medical supplies, magazines and shop rags are just a few of the hundreds of products we supply to help you organize your work space.

If you need a new tool box, you'll find the perfect one right here. Choose rugged plastic or steel portable tool boxes in a range of sizes, styles and colors. Some feature pull-out drawers ideal for small hand tools, parts and fasteners. Others have a more open design and work well for carrying several power tools. Craftsman Military-Ready storage boxes come with casters and extension handles as well as standard handles. With hundreds of models, choosing the right tool box will be easy.

We're the industry leader in tool storage of every kind. Bottom rollaway chests with locking wheels are easily moved but stable when in place. They are outfitted with drawers and a steel top. Use the top for workspace, or add another tool box. Middle chests only have drawers. Top chests have drawers and a lid. Tool chest combos put components together in a variety of configurations. Tool carts provide portability in large workplaces. We are sure to have tool storage options in the size, material and color you prefer.

Replacement blades from Sears keep your tools working well. Our tool storage products protect them when they're not in use. Choose Sears for a great selection of tools and tool accessories at competitive prices.