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Power Tools

Work smarter with cordless handheld power tools

Cordless handheld power tools give you the freedom to do more around the workplace. You never have to worry about tripping over or plugging in cords, and you have a rechargeable battery that powers your tool for hours on a single charge. Sears carries hundreds of power tools from Craftsman and other popular name brands that maximize your work performance. Set aside your corded tools, and pick up a cordless circular saw and drill for your woodworking. Invest in cordless brad nailers and routers for your finishing work. Whether you buy your tools individually or in combo kits, work smarter with cordless power tools from Sears.

Use cordless handheld power tools to improve your mobility as you work. Check out household tool kits for replacing or installing home hardware around the house. With the right nail sizes, you can install new shingles or place the final finishing nails in your cabinetry. Come to Sears for even more affordable cordless power tools and accessories for all of your household projects.


Handheld power tools maximize the versatility of your workshop

When it's time to buy new toys for your workshop, you are always eyeing the shiny band sawsstationary sanders and other stationary power tools. These behemoths are great for cutting and finishing lumber for large renovation and building projects. They have power and functionality, so any homeowner would be happy to own a few. However, the true value of a workshop lies in the handheld power tools, which take care of the everyday grunt work and finishing that has to happen before your projects can ever be complete.

If you need to beef up your handheld power tool collection, the best place to start is at Sears. With brand names that have been in your family for generations, we have the durable, affordable and long-lasting tools that you want to keep at your fingertips. Stop by today to browse the selection and pick up all the tools a handyman will need.

Get better cuts with stationary power tools

Handheld power tools are cheap and easy to use, which is why they have a special spot in any workshop. However, they can be heavy and require a lot of extra elbow grease to use. Stationary power tools can be a great solution if you are a handyman who wants to take the next step and build a workshop that helps you get your projects done accurately and in record time. Stationary power tools are large tools that come attached on a table or can be securely mounted on a workbench. You are probably already familiar with chop saws and table saws, smaller tools that mount onto your bench and stay put. However, there are many types of stationary tools that can help you do anything from mill lumber to put the finishing touches on a project.

Stationary power tools are a natural upgrade from your basic workshop tool chest. While they may seem like a big investment, these tools will pay off with fewer trips to the home improvement section and quicker project completion. Start your search for the perfect stationary power tools at Sears, where you will find several saws, grinders, sanders and other power tools from trusted brands at prices that you can be happy about.

Complete your workshop with air tools from Sears

While manual tools have their advantages, air tools provide even more power and torque. Sears has a full selection of air impact tools and accessories for your woodworking and metalworking shops. Craftsman impact wrenches prove useful for tightening and loosening bolts in seconds, and Campbell Hausfield cutting tools have powerful motors for cutting through aluminum and wood. Invest in Titan orbital palm sanders for your woodworking projects, and complete your toolkit with air grinders and impact ratchets for your auto body repairs.

Whether you own a business or you enjoy working in your own garage, air tools prove beneficial for completing tasks in less time. Use high-powered pressure washers to remove grime and dirt from the home or the driveway, and power your air tools on the job site with portable generators. Visit your local Sears, or shop our online inventory for the best names in power tools and accessories for your home or business.