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      Sump Pumps

      You have an annoying seep in your basement that keeps the floor in one corner damp. Sometimes, you have to sop up free-standing water with a mop. After unusually heavy rains, the low spot in your driveway fills with water that never seems to run off. Sump pumps from Sears can help with your water-handling problems. Install a submersible pump with automatic controls to keep your basement dry. Keep a portable gasoline-powered or electric sump pump and discharge hose in your garage for quickly draining off unwanted rainwater. Choose among Flotek, Little Giant, Zoeller and other high quality brands for all of your water cleanup needs. Sears also has well pumps suited for the depth and flow-rate that your water well requires.

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      Keep water out of your basement sump pumps

      Old sump pumps may fail if internal parts have rusted or become clogged with sediment. If your sump needs to be replaced, we carry new sump pumps from Flotec, Frankin and other trusted brands. The electric motors range in power from 1/4 to 3/4 horsepower to meet the specific pumping requirements. Affordable sump pumps are manufactured with plastic housings. A durable iron or stainless steel sump pump will cost more, but it may prove more durable in the years ahead. For complete installation, we have sump crocks and universal discharge kits. You may want to consider sump pumps from Simer and The Basement Watchdog with emergency battery backup. They are popular for installation where strong storms bring a combination of heavy rains and power outages.

      Plumbing shut-off keys are available for gas and water lines. Superior Tools Emergency gas and water shut-off wrenches get the job done quickly when there's a break in the line. The Four Way key has four internal square fittings for the most common size shut-off valves. It is crafted from heat-treated steel for added strength. The B & K Combo Water Meter key is made from lightweight and durable aluminum. It includes a meter box key for opening the meter and a wrench for shutting off the water. Contractors, utility workers and property owners will find the plumbing shut-off keys they need at great prices from Sears.

      Our selection of plumbing valves includes simple brass ball valves from Plumb Craft for a water spigot and electric actuated ball valves for commercial boiler systems from Dwyer. Spring-actuated check valves keep water from running back into your well or prevent water being pumped out with a sump pump from returning to the crock. We carry Campbell and King Brothers check valves to fit all common pipe diameters. If you're installing a water line for a refrigerator or furnace humidifier, a saddle valve will help you make the connection to the water supply. With hundreds of plumbing valves in stock, you can rely on Sears to have exactly what you want.

      If you're working on electrical wires or cable, electrician cutting tools from Knipex will prove useful. Shears in several sizes make quick cuts at junction boxes. Knipex wire strippers prepare wire ends for connections. Demolition knives help remove old cable quickly when new cable needs to be installed. All Knipex knives are have insulated handles to protect you from electric shock.

      What home projects are on your list? We have the tools, parts and accessories you need to get them done successfully. Make Sears your partner for home remodeling when you want the right products at great prices.


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