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      Let submersible pumps help you power your garden with your own water

      If you have a pond, river or well on your property, you may want to harness that local resource to hydrate and care for your lawn and garden. To do this, you will need a submersible pump. Submersible pumps work from within your water source to continually feed your irrigation system, pond fountain or other water features. A pump is great for an irrigation system, so you don't have to draw on a city or outside water supply. After all, the water is going back into the ground, so you may not need all the extra filtration and treatment that goes on down at the water plant.

      When you select your submersible pump, first consider your needs. If you are using your pump to power a small garden fountain, then you won't need something super-fancy. On the other hand, a complex irrigation system that weaves in and out of every corner of your property may need a little more power and durability. If you design your own irrigation system, make sure to lay out every piece before you buy your pump; a few extra feet of plumbing could mean you need a more powerful pump. The type of irrigation system you choose may also influence the power of pump you need. For example, drip irrigation systems require less energy than powered sprinkler systems. Likewise, a large garden fountain water feature is going to take more energy than a simple corner fountain.

      Next, consider your water source. If you just need to get a little bit of water out of your rain barrels, you won't need giant pumps. However, if you are drawing water from a pond on the far side of your property, you are going to need a lot more energy to transport it to its final destination. Likewise, take into account the incline or decline from the water source to your irrigation system or water feature. Gravity can work in your favor or against you, so make sure you know exactly how much lift you will need for your pump.

      You won't need a lot of pump accessories for a submersible pump, since these pumps are designed to be durable, even in completely submerged environments. They are closed systems, which means nothing foreign goes in or out; the motor is sealed off from outside air and water so that it can run smoothly no matter how long it is sitting in your water source. You may want to get some decalcification and cleaning tools for the occasional gunk-up, but for the most part your pump will take care of itself.

      Choosing a submersible pump is easy when you have a great selection to choose from, and Sears is here to help. Whether you are starting a small hydroponics nursery or you just want to have a greener lawn this summer, we have everything you need to pump your water right where it is needed.


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