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      Meet your water needs with well pumps

      Well pumps allow you to extract water from underground sources for yard irrigation, swimming pools and indoor water use. The pumps run either above the well or submersed in the underground water source. The above-ground pumps can be shallow-well or deep-well jet pumps. Different types of power sources are also available with most using plug-in electric motors while other options include solar, manual and wind-powered systems.

      Sears offers a full lineup of well pumps for home and business use. These pumps suck or push water up pipes from depths of 100 feet or more. The FLOTEC INC FP3212 1/2HP 3W Deepwell Pump is a submersible model with stainless steel housing. The system works with wells of 4-inch diameter or greater, and it is suitable for both residential and farm use. A  horsepower motor can pump water from depths of up to 150 feet.

      For shallow wells, a good option is the Simer Shallow Well Jet Pump. This heavy-duty cast-iron model has a  horsepower dual voltage motor. Rugged construction gives this product a long service life. The pre-set system utilizes 230V and 30/50 PSI to pump water from sources down to 25 feet. You can keep extracted water in pressure tanks or similar storage systems. After the pump housing is full, the system becomes self-priming. Simer provides a one-year limited warranty with this product.

      If you need both a pump and tank, check out the Simer Convertible Well Jet/Tank System. Powered by a  HP motor, the system comes with a 7-gallon water tank. The pump mounts over the tank, making this combo an ideal setup for tight installations. You can use the pump to extract water at depths of 70 feet or less through 1-1/4 or 1-inch pipes. The Simer well jet/tank system comes with an ejector kit and one-year limited warranty.

      The Franklin Electric 3-Wire Submersible Well Pump is Sears's most powerful product for extracting underground water. The system sports a 1-horsepower motor with 12 GPM capacity. The control box uses a 3-wire system with preset 230V operation. The motor is stainless steel with thermoplastic motor and discharge brackets. Other features include a suction screen and check valve. Franklin Electric Co. Inc. provides a three-year warranty with this pump.

      Sears offers all leading well pump brands, including Little Giant, Sotera and Flotec. We also carry a full range of plumbing items from pipe wrenches to drain cleaning machines. For help in finding the exact product that you need, click on the blue-highlighted link near the top of each product page. An expert from our Blue Tool Crew can rapidly assess your needs and find matching items. We offer free shipping on large orders, or you can pick up items at our stores. Members of Shop Your Way MAX receive free shipping on all orders. Shop Sears today to find a powerful water pump for your home or business.


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